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John Boland
(webmaster/webmanager for Spalding Gray and his Estate)

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Q: Can I contact the Estate through this site?
: Generally yes. If you write to me, jb, the webmaster AND the question/request is reasonable, I do my best to handle the matter myself. However, sometimes questions need to be run by the Estate. Spalding's Estate (and this site) are dedicated to the memory of Spalding and is very good at answering. However, they are busy so sometimes a response is not possible. Please note that I NEVER give out the email address of the Estate.

email is generally responded to by 'me' within 48 hours though no guarantees

Thanks!!! - John Boland (jb), BSc, BA, MSW

Note: The site no longer has a guestbook. I encourage people to write even small entries for the Fan Writings page. Also fans can check out/join: the Blog:
The Ning Spalding Gray Social Network has been discontinued due to spammers and Ning began to charge.
Spalding Gray Appreciation Society on Facebook is very good,
and of course, the mailing list as per above.

Note: that the myspace page ( is not associated with this site or the Estate.
The person in charge may be looking for someone to take over the myspace page.
May need some corrections but probably is little actual work. Needs updating.

Note: that the Mexican punk band 'spalding gray', though not assoociated with the Estate,
also have a myspace page ( and are supporters of this site
(see Updates for details or look on myspace).