There is a site that has hundreds and hundreds of bootleg movies. It needs 2 notes.
First is a trigger warning that much of the site is adult or porn movies which may not be to some fans liking or may include violence and rape with the sexual content. For a relevant example, 'Farmer's Daughters' is in the list. Spalding is in this porn movie (definitely not worth watching in any way beyond totally obsessed people like me). Then again "Swimming to Cambodia' is also listed and the DVD has recently been discontinued.
The one to note is 'Spalding Gray's Map of L. A.' which I have never been able to get a copy of before. I will add a direct link here. It's a very slow download and is worth watching as it is an early sign of future directions. General bootleg Movie download site :
Direct link for Map of L.A. : (it's a very slow download)
I have no idea if any of the downloads might have a virus as looking at the site, I might worry. Note they have a pricey paid subscription that reportedly deals with any viruses.
and here is a list of very rare links most of which I have not checked out. Some are video, some text. Including a link to Bed Time Story which Spalding and Renee did for PBS's series Trying Times shown in the 80s. Spalding's half hour story is very good - the whole series is amazing but sadly has never been rerun and is very hard to find (I never have). Reportedly 2 of the Series only master copies were destroyed in a fire.
1)Bed Time Story (from PBS Trying Times Series with Spalding)
2) video of Our Town (with Spalding)
3) Prisoner's Dilemma (unknown to me)
4) Map of LA (streaming) (alternative to rarelust site)
5) Personal History of American Theater (short version) (there is a longer version around)
6) TV commercial for artists 1982 (unknown to me)
7) Chalkboard Chronicles (unknown to me)
8) Rumstick Road script available here
9) Poetry in Motion
10) Anybody's Woman (unknown to me)
Videoo by Bette Gordon, 1981
- with Nancy Reilly, Spalding Gray, Mark Heidrich, Tom Wright, voice over by Karyn Kay
- video and audio quality not the best in parts, this video seems to cover sex shows in NYC. Adult subject matter but no sex is shown. Spalding speaks of his experiences in sex theaters. I would call it difficult to watch and poorly done perhaps due to lack of budget. For more info, see on this site, under Appearances_film
11) Our Town (play)
- link to complete video

All the audio is in this batch. This is essentially the audio that was on a site/program but that went down

So we are still looking for a few things:
1) video or audio of Booze, Cars, & College Girls
2) Travels Through New England
3) Cafe Lena
4) Paper Mache Chase (Spalding's last film - a short that is extremely hard to find). If anyone knows Cynthia Nixon she was in it and might have a copy. I tracked down the director but he did not answer an email 🤔😞
5) TV shows - To Save a Child and Zelda
6) Visions of a Perfect World
Discovered this quite by chance :
Audio interview with Spalding from WAMU radio, April 27, 2001

I like this short interview with Justin Rielly about his performances of Spalding's works.
From Playbill, Feb. 2022:
"Theatre Communications Group (TCG) has announced that the TCG Books Play Collection is now live on Drama Online. 110 titles are currently available, and will be joined by a further 90 titles later in 2022...When complete, the collection will include works from: Seth Barrish, Thomas Bradshaw, Eric Bogosian, Alice Childress, Ping Chong, Nilo Cruz, Culture Clash, Larissa FastHorse, Richard Foreman, Athol Fugard,
Spalding Gray, Philip Kan Gotanda, Jessica Hagedorn, David Henry Hwang, Tina Howe, Lisa Kron, Tony Kushner, Young Jean Lee, Tracy Letts, Romulus Linney, David Mamet, Richard Maxwell, Martyna Mayok, Ellen McLaughlin, Dominique Morisseau, Richard Nelson, Lynn Nottage, John O'Neal, Dael Orlandersmith, Adam Rapp, José Rivera, Sarah Ruhl, Carl Hancock Rux, Heidi Schreck, Donna Walker-Kuhne, Naomi Wallace, Anne Washburn, and Michael Weller, along with translations of Russian dramatists from Richard Nelson, Richard Pevear, and Larissa Volokhonsky."
A great link that may appear elsewhere on this site but worth it:

Spalding Gray in "India and After" and interview with Theodore Shank, September 17, 1980
A great website to find out where things are streaming :
For Spalding, this is the link:
Note that few monolgues are avaialble such as Gray's Atamomy but not Swimming to Cambodia which is being discontinued on DVD by Shout . Many of the films he was in are listed but some cost.
EXCLUSIVE link to an interview with Spalding (about 50 minutes).
From Ferne Pearlstein/Robert Edwards

Hiawatha / Terrors Of Pleasure - with Sentieri Selvaggi / Spalding Gray (06/05/41 - 01/10/04) - by Laurie Anderson (wait for the excerpt from Spalding)
3 links that are about Spalding being immortalized by the artist, Eric Fishl, on one of the windows in the Church Arts Centre in Sag Harbour : (this one might have a subscription block)
For the 17th anniversary of Spalding's disappearance and part of today's Mailing List :
ps: for fun, here is the first from 2001. I have no idea who did it but eventually let it lapse and we had to buy it back from an Australian web prospector (an old form of evil). I paid $100 for the name. Had to get .net as well but don't remember how. It was another even worse prospector. I think I told him Spalding would come after him which of course was not true.
Check out 'Quotes and Interviews' - there's material there I had never seen before. So there !!! - there are new links. The list of shows is interesting too.
Some old, excellent pictures of Spalding taken by Rick McGinnis

Courtesy of Henri from Germany and his amazing research. We would like to know if anyone has connections that would make these appearances available. As in someone who works for one of the Networks or shows or ...
email me at the website Contact. Apparently, one of the Conan shows is available at the Archives but we don't know which. Also, the Letterman appearances are not listed as someone (we know) posted them on youtube and the links are on the website under Updates below. So here's the list of ones we can't find (yet) ... A list of Spalding Gray appearances on Late Night shows which are still "missing":

Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Season 1, Episode 34 Spalding Gray/Louis Gossett Jr./Buffalo Tom
Air date: Oct 28, 1993
Season 1, Episode 183 Spalding Gray/Colin Quinn/Blue Rodeo
Air date: Feb 8, 1995
Season 2, Episode 98 Spalding Gray/Kurt Loder/Letters to Cleo
Air date: Feb 8, 1995

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Season 1, Episode 11 Air date: Jun 8, 1992
Season 2, Episode 121 Air date: Jul 15, 1993

Nightlife Episode #1.178 (Season 1, Episode 178)
Air date: May 15, 1987

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Episode #29.137 (Season 29, Episode 137) (Guest host: Jay Leno)
Air date: Jul 1, 1991

The Daily Show (with Craig Kilborn)
Season 1 | Episode 103
Spalding Gray
Air date March 19, 1997
Thank you to Henri from Garmany for his amazing research: NPR has made two previously unavailable radio programs with Spalding available again.
One is basically a whole 1-hour Interviewing the Audience through the radio by call-ins

The other a great interview and snippets of him performing Morning, Noon and Night live on-air.
From Museum of Performance and Design :
A very rare video. Even researchers tell me that.
Spalding Gray in "India and After" and interview with Theodore Shank, September 17, 1980
I listened to about 5 random minutes and I'm still laughing. Spalding was in India at the same time as me, though I sure didn't know and I was there much longer (just over a year I guess). The sound/pic isn't great for a very short time at the beginning but gets fine.
A recent discovery, thank you Henri from Germany:
Spalding Gray and Sedge Thomson radio conversations: "I'm Beginning to Doubt My Doubt"
You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton.
New podcast September 2020
Executive Producer Kathleen Russo and Music by Forrest Gray. Congratulations to both.
by BENITO VILA - JULY 21, 2020
Rare interview with Kathie Russo, Theo Gray and Forrest Gray
Includes photos by Kathie Russo
Benito Vila is a features writer living on the East End of Long Island, where he can be found on the water when he's not researching and typing. The former head of a New York City graphic design firm, he helps companies with their operations and marketing.
New to me. A short reading of Sex and Death
Spalding Gray tells a tale
Take special note that this is ONLY for mailing list and website. It is NOT to be shared in anyway without written permission.
From a fan :
"Spalding Gray visited my campus, UNC Asheville, in February of 2001, and a class visit he made was recorded and archived on VHS. I had the tape transferred by our Media Center into a digital file so it could be shared with his estate.
A little background and context about me: I grew up as a huge fan, watching Mr. Gray on David Letterman at every opportunity and seeing Swimming to Cambodia more times than I can count.
I was his driver for his campus visit and was able to go to lunch with him and spend the day with him on the day of his performance. He was gracious and kind and it is a day I will always remember.
Below is a link to a Google Drive file of his class visit earlier in the day before his evening public performance. I first realized there might be less archival footage of Mr. Gray at work than I had assumed when I saw Steven Soderbergh's documentary, and I thought the family might like having access to this material.
The file is about 46 minutes long. I am sorry that the first 20 minutes are very jumpy. The VHS tape had degraded over the years. After the 20-minute-mark it is pretty smooth for the remaining 26 minutes. Mr. Gray makes a brief introduction and then performs a segment from Morning, Noon and Night. At 28 minutes he leads a Q&A for the remaining 18 minutes of the class.
"For personal viewing only. All rights reserved." I just want to make sure we protect the University and the Estate and make it clear this isn't being released into the public domain for people to use for commercial purposes and whatnot.

Now another fan recoded this material/link. Both appear to work. Please remember that this material is for personal use ONLY and NOT to be shared in anyway.

All of the audio is difficult at times to hear. I am seriously deaf (true) so I had a hearing fan check it out. They said 'You really have to pay attention to it to understand it. The audio levels are low and there is a lot of noise. But it's still worth the effort.'

Original Link from the Professor

Recoded Link Here
Courtesy of the Estate :
a good article on the recent Wedding of Marissa Maier (Spalding's step daughter, Kathie Russo's daughter) and Wes Lau
One of the most sought after appearances by spalding !!!
Spalding's 3 appearances on Letterman now on youtube
1. July 30, 1986. Spalding promotes his book _Sex and Death to the Age 14
2. March 4, 1987. Spalding promotes his film "Swimming to Cambodia"
3. December 13, 1990. Spalding promotes his monologue "Monster in a Box" at Lincoln Center

from :

1) Spalding Gray's Map of L.A. - I had never seen this and didn't know it was available. Then again, what do I know...
2) A Personal History of the American Theatre - I'd seen this before but don't remember where. It's from Alive from Off Center - (I think it was PBS?). I love this one.
3) and a TV commercial from Spalding. (Note that sound may not work on this 'TV commercial' link)
Part of an art project by Joan Logue using the format of a commercial to present the work of experimental artists
On there are two books loan-able, one has a short play based on Chekhov Spalding wrote and the other has a great interview with Spalding at Yale. and - an interview of Spalding at Yale
Podcast 'TBD with Tina Brown'
Produced by Kathleen Russo
The Sag Harbor house received a plaque designating it as a Literary Landmark
Director and writer Annie Dorsen was the 2018 recipient of the Spalding Gray Award 
From the NYT:
The Sag Harbor house was painted Spalding Gray, the color, courtesy of Sherwin Williams (good article)

Note that the NYT limits the number of articles that can be opened for free to 10 per month  
I very rarely promote other monolgists but Mike Daisey is an excellent monologist with connections to Spalding and very unuique in his style. As of Oct. and Nov.,2018, he has been presenting A People's History which is a mammoth presmtation running consecutive night, first in Seattle, now in NYC. As of Nov. 13, 2018, he is on Cycle 2, Chapter 6. Cycle 1 was 18 chapters (18 consecutive nights. He often has to updat his performance hours before to keep up with the changing political climate. Highly recommended.
Under certain circumstances, the audio of every chapter is available. Follow him on facebook for further details.
Created by Kathleen Russo and Lucy Sexton
Nov. 15 - 18, 2018
"Real life has always let me down. That's why I do the monologues. I have always said I would rather tell a life than live a life. But I have to live a life in order to tell one." --Spalding Gray
THEATRE GIGANTE opens its 31st Season with the telling of the life of Spalding Gray, in his words. SPALDING GRAY: STORIES LEFT TO TELL is a delightful, moving tribute to the life and work of this acclaimed and groundbreaking writer/monologist/actor.
Consisting of material from Gray's journals, monologues and letters, this revealing homage, put together by his widow Kathleen Russo and director Lucy Sexton, is divided into five voices: Journals, Adventure, Love, Family, and Career – in the words of Russo, 'the five things most important to Spalding.'
In this production, Journals will be played by DEBORAH CLIFTON, Adventure by MARK ANDERSON, Love by ISABELLE KRALJ, Family by JOHN KISHLINE and Career by JILL ANNA PONASIK.
SPALDING GRAY: STORIES LEFT TO TELL premiered Off Broadway in New York City to critical acclaim, in the year 2007. When it closed later that year, Theatre Gigante received the rights to perform it. It is with great pleasure that Gigante Artistic Directors Kralj & Anderson open Gigante's 31st Season with this exquisite found poetry, reshaped into a poignant and heart warming new theatrical piece.
Words by Spalding Gray
Concept by Kathleen Russo & Lucy Sexton
Directed by Isabelle Kralj & Mark Anderson
Scenic Design by Ron Scott Fry
Lighting Design by Rick Graham

KENILWORTH 508 THEATRE 1925 E Kenilworth Place, on Milwaukee's East Side
One weekend only!

November 15 7:30pm w/post-show reception November 16 7:30pm post-show talkback
November 17 7:30pm

November 18 2:00pm post-show talkback Tickets: $25 General; $20 Senior; $15 Student
Brown Paper Tickets
Poster design by Todd Brei
Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts, UPAF, and Milwaukee County CAMPAC.
David Byrne's "True Stories" to Be Released on Blu-Ray/DVD by Criterion Collection
Note from the article: "a 1986 piece by actor Spalding Gray on the film's production" included in the DVD ​
From Kathie Russo :

Through April 22, 2018, Third Avenue Playhouse professional theater is visiting
Spalding Gray's theatrical monologue "Gray's Anatomy" as performed by Doug Mancheski.
- a rare performance, likely never performed before except by Spalding
Stony Brook Southampton's Kathleen Russo, a producer of Alec Baldwin's
"Here's the Thing" podcast, will direct the new Audio Podcast Fellows program.
Please ensure you read the DVD Creterion DVD Release below
- it slips down there by more recent news...
Rare theatrical showing of Gray's Anatomy
Sunday, March 19, 2017
Fred Armison and Bill Hader's show called Documentary Now! on IFC Wedneday nights at 10pm, this season is doing a spoof on Spalding.
This show comes highly recommended. I personally do not get this channel so anybody watching is encouraged to send me details after watching it. Maybe it will be be online.
Thanks to Matthew for the following infor including date to be shown:
On September 28th, Spalding is reborn as Parker Gail in "Parker Gail's Location is Everything" -- an Independent Film Channel original show in the parody series "Documentary Now!" put together by Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, and Bill Hader.
Bill Hader Takes Center Stage in Documentary Now's Spalding Gray Parody
by Christine N. Ziemba
The episode may also be on youtube
Bucks Burnett's Namedropper: I Got the World's Greatest Mr. Peppermint Photo Op — Twice
by Bucks Burnett
A Brush with Spalding story
Thanks to the U of Texas Archives for these audio clips and transcripts. Life Interrupted on audio is exceptional. Listen to audio from the Spalding Gray archive
Spalding Gray Day, 2016:
A Celebration of his Life and Work

Rare film showings and special guests
Monday, April 11,2016
12:00pm – 6:00pm Screenings
6:30pm Reading + Discussion
The Segal Theater
At The Graduate Center, CUNY (365 Fifth Avenue at 34th St.)
Free + Open to the Public. First come, first served.
Spalding Gray (June 5, 1941 – January 11, 2004) was an iconic New York downtown actor and writer. He is most known for the autobiographical monologues that he wrote and performed for the theatre in the 1980s and 1990s. Gray became famous with his monologue Swimming to Cambodia, which was adapted into a film in 1987 by filmmaker Jonathan Demme.
The afternoon screenings will be followed by an evening program with excerpts from Spalding Gray—Stories Left to Tell, writings by Spalding Gray, conceived and assembled by Kathleen Russo and Lucy Sexton, read by Nora Burns, Lucy Sexton, and Jonathan Walker. With Kathleen Russo, Lucy Sexton, and Ken Koblan.
Same Day Screening schedule:
12:00pm Swimming to Cambodia (1987 | 85 minutes) by Jonathan Demme The film is a performance of Spalding Gray's monologue which centered on such themes as his trip to Southeast Asia to create the role of the U.S. Ambassador's aide in The Killing Fields (1984) and his search for his "perfect moment".
1:30pm Monster in a Box (1992 | 87 minutes) by Nick Broomfield Monster in a Box is a guided tour between the stations of writer's block while writing his first novel, Impossible Vacation.
3:00pm And Everything is Going Fine (2010 | 89 minutes) by Steven Soderbergh
Master Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, who collaborated with him on King of the Hill and Gray's Anatomy, takes Gray's own wordsto craft a profound, insightful and wonderfully entertaining portrait of this quintessential American artist.
4:30pm Rumstick Road (2013 | 77 minutes) by Elizabeth LeCompte & Ken Kobland/The Wooster Group
The haunting video reconstruction of The Wooster Group's legendary 1977 production, Rumstick Road, composed by Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte in response to the suicide of Gray's mother.
The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center is located at The Graduate Center CUNY. 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY 10016
VERY Exciting News for Spalding fans.
Thanks to Kathie Russo for the following info: has been lauched and includes exclusive, very rare Spalding audio content:
All monologues are complete audio recordings with many never before released:
NOTE: Credit Card Required and will auto renew after free trial if not cancelled

India and After
47 Beds
Interviewing the Audience (extremely rare)
The Crossing (Note: also known as "Nobody Wanted to Sit Behind a Desk." He was performing it as "The Great Crossing" on the West Coast)
A Personal History of American Theater
Swimming to Cambodia
Terrors of Pleasure
Impossible Vacation (extremely rare)
Slippery Slope
Gray's Anatomy
Morning, Noon, and Night
Life Interrupted

Spalding fans get a free month - here's how:
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New book from our good friend Eddie Patterson,a lecturer in the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, Australia
The Contemporary American Monologue
From the book description:
Talk-show confessions, online rants, stand-up routines, inspirational speeches, banal reflections and calls to arms: we live in an age of solo voices demanding to be heard. In The Contemporary American Monologue Eddie Paterson looks at the pioneering work of US artists Spalding Gray, Laurie Anderson, Anna Deavere Smith and Karen Finley, and the development of solo performance in the US as a method of cultural and political critique. Ironic confession, post-punk poetry, investigations of race and violence, and subversive polemic, this book reveals the link between the rise of radical monologue in the late 20th century and history of speechmaking, politics, civil rights, individual freedom and the American Dream in the United States. It shows how US artists are speaking back to the cultural, political and economic forces that shape the world.
Our good friend Justin Rielly is performing Swimming to Cambodia at the Rochester Fringe,
Monday, September 21st, 2015 8:30pm
Tickets and Info here
- NOW repeat performances due to popular demand :
Friday, December 18 and Saturday, December 19, 2015, 8pm both nights at the MuCCC - 142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester.
$10 for tickets - they will be available on the MuCCC's website once the event is on their site
Excellent radio interview on CBC with Kathie Russo about Oliver Sachs

Excellent article by Oliver Sachs (recently died) from the New Yorker about Spalding. A Must Read.
The Catastrophe - Spalding Gray's brain injury
From the Indiewire Blog:
By the late 70s, of course, Woody Allen was no longer performing standup, but the world of standup was reflecting very closely the development of personal material in Gray's work. As Richard Zoglin notes in "Comedy at the Edge," the late 1960s-1970s rise of standup comedians who wrote their own, personal material, rather than relying on "jokes written by others" "paralleled a revolution that was taking place across the popular arts… rock artists were no longer satisfied merely to sing other people's songs; now they were writing and performing their own work." Drawing more from their personal experiences, standup comedians were telling longer stories, not just moving from punchline to punchline. You can watch Richard Pryor's performances over the course of the 70s evolve to the point that he can tell a ten minute story about his own heart attack, his father's death, and his relationship with his grandmother that's hilarious, but has almost no real setup/punchlines that can be taken out of context as jokes per se. As the "New York Times'" Jason Zinoman notes, Pryor, like Gray, "found the humor through these dark, confessional stories." By the mid-80s, Gray's work was getting more and more attention, leading to a rarity for monologists, even today: a theatrical release of a filmed performance of his monologue "Swimming to Cambodia." It was directed by Jonathan Demme, who had previously released a different kind of concert film: The Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" (coincidentally[?] one of Gray's greatest screen roles was in The Talking Heads' David Byrne's film "True Stories"). "Swimming to Cambodia" plays much like a standup concert film — Spalding Gray enters the theater, sits down at his iconic table, and begins speaking to his live audience. He uses some props, like maps, but there are very few film effects other than what happens onstage (unlike Steven Soderbergh's 1996 film of "Gray's Anatomy," which is more effects-heavy). It's funny, of course, but not constantly. Unlike an actual standup performance, Gray is comfortable going plenty of time without getting any laughs. It's distinctly not comedy; it's storytelling.
from Kathie Russo:
Third season of Here's the Thing on NPR with Alec Baldwin has begun - Kathie is the Producer - please listen
- as well you can listen the archived show - simply amazing guests

from University of Texas Spalding Gray Archives:
Digital tool allows Spalding Gray scholars to compare various drafts of performance notebooks

From Ian Were, friend of the site

Spalding and me (Remembering Spalding Gray)

'Before I really knew who he was I saw Gray perform at the 1986 Adelaide Festival. My first monologue experience was Sex and Death to Age 14, and then I went back to as many as I could get tickets for — four others I think, including Swimming to Cambodia parts one and two and probably Booze, Cars and College Girls, as well as Interviewing the Audience. Like thousands before me, I was an immediate fan and wanted more . . . '
More at:
Ian Were writes feature articles on, and stories about, art and design and edits arts publications. His writing and editing is widely published. 'Spalding and me' was first drafted in 2004 and rewritten in 2013. [Just saying . . .] 3,230 views (from 59 countries incl. Burkina Faso) on my Art-random website in just over 12 months. Thanks all.

Interviewing the Audience presented by Justin Rielly at the Fringe Festival in Rochester on Saturday, September 21,13 at 8pm. Info and tickets here. Presented with the permission of Spalding's Estate.
Jeffrey Wolfe is doing a documentary film that includes never before seen monologue and interview with Spalding. He is raising funds with indiegogo. Unfortunately he did not make his goal in time. This is a very exciting projest. To be able to see a monologue from Spalding that has never been seen - well that's a a chance of a lifeime. Besides other famous artists were involved. Here is the link to his indigogo page. And here is his partner in the project Jeff Wolfe's web site. If you are interested in helping the project and need further info bedsides what's on the web sites, please use the contact on this site to ask me.
RUMSTICK ROAD Benefit Screening

Watch short video clip here

To see all of RUMSTICK ROAD, our new video reconstruction of Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte's landmark 1977 production, join us at The Performing Garage on March 3rd, 2013. The RUMSTICK ROAD Benefit Screening
Introduced by Jonathan Demme
Doors open at 3:30 pm
The original theater piece RUMSTICK ROAD marked a significant development in Spalding Gray's autobiographical performance style and The Wooster Group's working methods. It was made by combining Gray's personal audio-taped conversations, family letters, 35mm slides, the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and music and dance to construct a response to his mother's suicide. No complete or full recording of RUMSTICK ROAD survived from its 1977 run. To recover that lost performance, Elizabeth LeCompte and filmmaker Ken Kobland have assembled a variety of archival materials — audio and video recordings, LeCompte's Super 8 footage and Kobland's original production photographs — and blended them together to make a new media work.
And Everything Is Going Fine will screen SUN, FEB 17, 2013 @ 1PM in the Bright Family Screening Room, Boston - Special appearance by Spalding Gray’s wife Kathie Russo (one of the film’s producers), son Forrest Gray (composer of the score) and Mike Daisey following the screening - rare showing and post screening panel.
From the cofounder of this website and my good friend, A.F. Batershell, a new sites about her exciting art
- Running with Imagery
From my friend Tanya Taylor Rubenstein:
Her new (01/13) website for Solo Performance Coach
From her website:
Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is one of the world’s premier Solo Performance Coach’s and Directors. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she works with actors, writers and other creative people to create outstanding One -Person Shows that are performed at theaters, festivals and conferences World Wide.
From my friend Peter B. Collins (who did podcast Remembering Spalding Gray with Nell Casey and Bill Talen) :
I’m writing to update you on my podcast, and have saved your email from previous contact. I started podcasting in June, 2009 after the 4-year run of my syndicated radio show. Some of you have been listening steadily since then, some joined us from iTunes or many other partner sites, and some of you have been wondering, “What happened to Peter B.?” I’m pleased to report that we have figured out this podcasting thing—it’s just a fancy name for audio delivered on the internet. Some people think you must have an iPod or other Apple gizmo to listen to a podcast, but that’s not true. You can go to any time and listen to (or download) the latest reports. If you like iTunes or Sticher or Zune, our shows are there and you can get automatic downloads. Almost daily, we deliver a free News & Comment podcast that is about 20 minutes long. I choose the stories I think are important that day, and offer my comments and the analysis of people I respect. Two or three times a week, and sometimes more, I deliver in-depth interview podcasts with one or two segments. Some days, we end with a humorous commentary from Will Durst or a movie review from Gary Chew. The in-depth interview podcasts are available to our subscribers. If you haven’t listened lately, I invite you to click on over to my website. Browse around and listen to our free News & Comment series—and please share that with family and friends, and on your Facebook page. We want to double our listenership this year, and I’m asking for your help. We now average between 100,000 and 125,000 per month, and would like to move that up to 250,000 by the end of the year. I also want to invite you to become a subscriber—I need your financial support to continue my independent programming, without any corporate filter. That independence permits me to speak directly to you with no restrictions, and to cover the topics that truly affect our lives and our future. The best deal is our annual subscription, $50 per year. You can also subscribe for $5, $10 or $20 per month, depending on your own financial situation. And to make our content available to almost anyone who wants it, we just added a 24-hour pass for $1 so that you can get the shows you are most interested in. On recent shows, we have focused on the Supreme Court’s toxic Citizens United case and how the Montana Attorney General blew that state’s recent appeal. We also did a special report on California’s barbaric use of solitary confinement on prisoners. And we broke the story about Karl Rove’s recent meltdown on Fox Nooz and the report that he is bisexual.
From my friend Jordan Young -
My ebook has been retitled SPALDING GRAY AND SOLO PERFORMANCE: HOW ONE ACTOR REVOLUTIONIZED AN ART FORM. A second ebook, AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND SOLO PERFORMANCE: THE LEGACY OF SPALDING GRAY, which discusses the work of Julia Sweeney,Paul Linke, Shane McCabe and director Mark W. Travis--all influenced by Gray. I expect both to be available on June 5, at $2.99 each. The work of two additional Gray-influenced monologuists is discussed in THEATRE vs. JOURNALISM: ANNA DEAVERE SMITH, MIKE DAISEY & OTHERS. Release date TBA.
All three are chapters from my book, ACTING SOLO: THE ART AND CRAFT OF SOLO PERFORMANCE, which will be published this fall in digital and paperback versions--with a foreword by Obie Award-winning solo artist Charlayne Woodard.

Criterion releases NEW DVDs on Blu-ray:
on DVD And Everything is Going Fine plus extras such as Sex and Death to the Age 14
AND also on DVD, Gray's Anatomy with extras such as A Personal History of the American Theater, a ninety-five-minute monologue and Swimming to the Macula (video of the eye operation Spalding had - not really for the squeamish)
And Everything is Going Fine
"New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
Making of And Everything Is Going Fine, featuring director Steven Soderbergh, producer Kathie Russo, and editor Susan Littenberg
Sex and Death to the Age 14, Spalding Gray’s first monologue, created in 1979 and filmed in 1982
PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by writer Nell Casey, editor of The Journals of Spalding Gray "

Gray's Anatomy
"New high definition digital transfer, supervised by director Steven Soderbergh, with a remastered 5.1 mix presented in DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray edition
New interviews with Soderbergh and monologue cowriter Renée Shafransky
A Personal History of the American Theater, a ninety-five-minute monologue by Spalding Gray, originally produced by the Wooster Group in 1980 and videotaped in 1982
Swimming to the Macula, sixteen minutes of footage from Gray’s actual eye surgery Trailer
PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film critic Amy Taubin"

Suggested list price for each Blu-ray is $31.96.
There are also editions with only And Everything is Going Fine or Gray's Anatomy for $23.96

Note: Only Gray's Anatomy has previously been released. Everything else has never been released.

Mike Daisey's talk in Georgetown about the This American Life retraction
- a very important talk to listen to in light of the negative publicity Mike has received.
It points out very important realities including the fact that the labour practices of Apple have not changed.
And an addition to that, the same day Apple announced that their 100 billion dollar surplus would go to dividends.
No movement towards improving wages and working practices in Chinese factory.
I personally support Mike and what he does 100%!!!

And from - Mike Daisey: Some Thoughts After The Storm
and Getting Back to Work
Yes, more and more I am adding updates from other Monologists.
This is simply because I am becoming more aware of the great solo shows happening.
Note that I reserve these updates to monologists who are clearly friends of this site.
Here is the lastest as of March 12, 2012:

Printer, painter and prolific illustrator Beck Lane has her first one person show
opening at ReBar in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn Thursday April 5th, 2012.
In preparation for the show Beck has spent produced dozens of paintings and silk screen print illustrations
but is in need of some help getting the last leg of the show done and delivered.
For as little as a $5, $10 or $25 pledge you can not only be a part of making Lane's show a blow out success
but you can also receive a variety of rewards for your investment.
Learn all about the project, Kickvesting and the rewards involved from Kickvesting in this project
on her crowd sourcing site Kickstarter page:
ATTENTION: Lane's Kickstarter project ends Sunday March 18th! Click on, register, like, share and support!
For more info check out Beck's blog:
Remembering Spalding Gray with Nell Casey and Bill Talen from the Peter Collins Show (podast)
If you can afford it, please pay and help him maintain his podcast.
However, for those that can not afford the cost, Mr. Collins has very graciously given this site permission to
directly link the interview. (Please note that this link is only for this site - further use will require permission from Mr. Collins)
Interview is with Nell Casey (Journals of Spalding Gray) and Bill Talen, aka Reverend Billie (a monologist kinda).
Thank you to Mr. Collins for allowing this site to use his podcast. For more about Rev Billie, visit his website.
From the the Push Festival, Vancouver, BC:
(Rabih Mroue is a Spalding Gray Award recepient - this is a VERY RARE APPEARANCE!!! - see below for other appearances in US - this is ONLY Canadian appearance)
"Looking for a Missing Employee + The Pixilated Revolution
Where: The Roundhouse, 181 Roundhouse Mews
Why: "Rabih Mroue is from Lebanon and it's the first time we've had work from there. He is an actor, director and playwright who presents all over Europe and these pieces were commissioned by a number of American presenters including the Spalding Gray Foundation, the Warhol museum and others. We're working with the Grunt and Contemporary Art Gallery on this lecture-performance multimedia presentation."
Tickets: $26-$32 ($28-$34 at the door) at

Interview with Rabih Mroue in Seattle Times
More interview and article from the (Seatle) "I Only Want to Provoke Myself"

Newspapers led on a merry chase in Middle Eastern mystery
- interview and article from Vancouver
Excellent article/pictures from Our Town Downtown - Marissa Maier (Managing Editor)
Keyholes: Taking a peek into Spalding Gray’s old writing spot (many nypress pages are down as of Mar.2012 including this one - hopefully temporary)
It is very rare that I place the writings of an interviewer/fan under Updates.
However, this article, Myself-Help: The Mental Trials Of Spalding Gray, from Alastair McKay's Blog
is one of the best articles I have ever read about Spalding.
The quotes from both Spalding and Kathie are ones I have never seen or heard before and well worth reading.
Excellent article. Highly recommended.
New York Times Article, Oct. 9, 2011, with first published material from The Journals of Spalding Gray
Note: first opening of article seems fine, then second time appears to need sign in/join.
Joining is free and as long as no further emails/promotions are checked, it seems fine to join.
EXCELLENT REVIEW of the Journals - a MUST READ!!!
Shades of Gray by Daphne Merkin from BOOKFORUM magazine
On Reading a Spouse’s Journals
Interview with Kathie Russo in NYT (New York edition) - Oct. 16, 2011
Nell Casey discusses putting together The Journals of Spalding Gray on WNYC
Listen Here:

Tribute to Spalding Gray with Nell Casey, Peter Gallagher, David Ulin and others
Nov. 8, 2011, 7:30 pm :
Nell Casey, in conversation with David Ulin, book critic for the Los Angeles Times,
and actors, including Peter Gallagher, who will read from the Journals of Spalding Gray.
Tickets, $20. At the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters. 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood - You MUST RRSP
Thanks to David Rodwin for the info tip

Performances based on Spalding Gray Awards 2010 and 2011:
1) From PS122 COIL Festival:

Rabih Mroué (Lebanon) - 2010 Award Winner
Looking for a Missing Employee (US Premiere) and
The Pixelated Revolution (World Premiere)
Winner of the 2010 Spalding Gray Award
$20, $15 (students / seniors)
Baryshnikov Arts Center
Howard Gilman Performance Space 450 West 37th St., Manhattan, NY

Looking for a Missing Employee
Jan 6, 7 2012 at 7:30pm
Jan 8 2012 at 5pm
The Pixelated Revolution
Jan 9 2012 at 7:30pm

ALSO: Following the performances at COIL,
Mroué will embark on his first North American tour, which includes
the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, On the Boards in Seattle, PuSh Festival in Vancouver, and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

2) From PS122 COIL Festival:

Performance Space 122 and Baryshnikov Arts Center are pleased to present Young Jean Lee Theater Group:
the New York premiere, as part of COIL, PS122’s annual performance festival,
13 performances of UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW will take place January 12–28, 2012 at the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Jerome Robbins Theater.
Tickets are $25 ($20 for students, seniors) and can be purchased online at or by phone at 212.352.3101.
The Baryshnikov Arts Center is located at 450 West 37th Street in New York City.
Schedule information:,

ALSO: The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, On the Boards in Seattle, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (no dates known)

Town Hall in New York City, November 2,2011, Garrison Keillor will present the 2011 Moth Award to Russo and her family in recognition of Gray’s life and work.
Marissa Maier writes about the event here
Kathie Russo will be the Producer for WNYC (NPR radio) of
HERE’S THE THING podcast with Host award-winning actor ALEC BALDWIN will host a new podcast
Starts Oct. 24, 2011 - Listen to WNYC Here
[Barnes and Nobles - Upper East Side location] - author/editor Nell Casey will discuss
The Journals of Spalding Gray at that store on November 14, 2011.
Other events with Ms. Casey:
Appearances by Editor (of the Journals) Nell Casey, listed on her web site
For more complete list of Reviews etc. on The Journals of Spalding Gray,
please see the Journals of Spalding Gray page on this site
Here is a link that I am adding here only in very exceptional circumstances.
This person has been instrumental in this website in so many ways but wants to remain anonymous.
Now due to her unemployment and his serious physical problems due to exposure to agent orange in Vietnam war (the US governement has refused him any compensation for years), they are in dire need of funds.
They write ' Any donation would be much appreciated. Thank you, webmaster John Boland, for your support. And thanks to the people on the world wide web for consideration.'
Their donation blog is here. Paypal. If you can help, these people are very deserving and I can strongly vouch for their honesty. Here also is their link on
Here is his story written by him. If you can help in anyway please do. Thank you.

On occasion, I will update monologists here who are also friends of the site.
I don't bother with the well known ones, as they get a great deal of publicity anyway and have their own publicity network.
So here goes with friends of the site - 'Gray', Mark Mobley and Stacey Bernstein. 'Gray' first.
Gray's (no relation to Spalding) upcoming show in NYC is called BURST
- playing as part of the Fifth Annual Women at Work Festival,
214 West 30th Street, 6th Floor, NY, NY - September 12,2011 - October 9,2011
Tickets here
Gray writes:
Set against the background of our multi-tasking, prescription-popping culture, "BURST” explores the madness of modern life and the unexpected sanity can comes from “being crazy.” Sparking with wit and insight, Gray embodies characters both real and fictional as she takes us on a roller coaster ride through highs and lows of being diagnosed Bipolar, familial loss, meditating in Vietnam and eventually to her own definition of wholeness. As one audience member put it: "BURST is a dynamic meditation on pain, loss, rebirth. Transformative."
Read the excellent reviews about /watch a video about Gray's show BURST here

Stacey Bernstein - performs Everything I Never Knew I Wanted
Here is how she describes her solo show (a multiple character work):
"What becomes of a little girl traumatized by love letters?
Who buries gifts of valor in tulip beds?
And who thinks her greatest weakness is actually her most prized strength?
From navigating the unpredictable terrain of a complex heart to the turbulent waters of a storm ravaged Atlantic Ocean, a woman's life may not always go as planned....
But sometimes what lies beyond, is even better.
This is a story about the trials and tribulations of growing up. It is about the dreams we have as children and what happens to us along the way as we try to realize those aspirations. Through twists and turns, disappointments and realizations, this show is one woman's imperfect journey that leads to unexpected joy in the least likely of places."
Contact her here

From Mark Mobley, (old friend of this site):
I'm reviving my one-man show Friend of the Groom for three performances on the Fringe Wilmington Festival.
Performances are Thursday 9/22,11 at 8 p.m., Friday 9/23,11 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 9/24,11 at 4 PM.
Fringe Wilmington Festival
I also have a performance Oct. 10,2011 at Balliceaux in Richmond VA.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Book Event (Journals of Spalding Gray) at Boswell Book Company, 6:30pm - Kathie Russo signing

Thursday, October 27, 20111 - Stories Left to Tell with Opening Night Party (Kathie Russo present) - 7:30pm

Friday, October 28, 2011 - Stories Left to Tell with Kathie Russo Talkback - 7:30pm

Saturday, October 29, 2011 - And Everything is Going Fine - 4:00pm
Interview with Kathie Russo and Stories Left To Tell - 6:30pm.

Sunday, October 30, 2011 And Everything is Going Fine - 2:00pm

Locations and Tickets here
First Annual Santa Fe Solo Performance Festival - Sept. 21 - Sept. 24, 2011 (Dedicated to Spalding Gray)

Featuring: Gray - (yes, that's her name for Festival - no relation to Spalding) - Link to her show site - Fascinating site!
Tracey Erin Smith
Deb Heikes
Ann marie Houghtailing (I could not find a web site for her...write to me Ann marie...)
Stacey Bernstein (I could not find a web site for her...write to me Stacey...)
Doug Vincent (I could not find a web site for him...write to me Doug...)
Tanya Taylor Rubinstein
Michelle Baker (I could not find a web site for her...write to me Michelle...)
Blue Chip is a recent series of hand-embroidered portraits by Christa Maiwald of modern and contemporary artists, such as Spalding Gray.
The potrait will be aso be added to this site under Pictures (at some point when I get to the great number of pictures I need to add). However, pictures are always welcome
Exhibition is at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery - BDG
535 w. 25th street
New York, NY 10001
Blue Chip will be on view through Friday, September 2nd, 2011

hand-embroidered portrait

Blue Chip (Spalding Gray), 2009-2011
Cotton, thread
14" diameter
Copyright 2011 et al by Christa Maiwald

Marissa Maier is the new Editor in Chief for the downtown weekly, the New YorkPress (22/07/11) - which Manhattan Media decided to merge the New York Press into the revived Our Town Downtown. Ms. Maier is the daughter of theatrical agent Kathie Russo and Spalding's stepdaughter. Previously, Marissa won a New York Press Association Award for feature writing while writing for the Hamptons community paper The Sag Harbor Express.
The winner of the 2011 Spalding Gray Award is Young Jean Lee and her theater group. Congratulations.
PS122 also announces: In addition to the local presentations, Performance Space 122 is pleased to announce that global programming continues in its second year with PS122 tours scheduled for London and Berlin in Spring 2012 and to Latin America, Asia and Australasia in the near future. Other touring presentations include continued participation with the Spalding Gray Award Commission which offers recipients a commission and tour with stops in New York (PS122), Minneapolis (The Walker), Pittsburgh (The Warhol Museum), Seattle (On the Boards). This award supports gifted writers/performers who fully realize all aspects of Spalding's legacy, who are fearless innovators of theatrical form, who reach into daily experience and create resonant, transcendent work that makes us all bigger, wider, wiser and, somehow, more than we were when we entered the theater.
The great Mike Daisey is performing next week in Victoria (May, 2011), where he'll be doing two nights of ALL STORIES ARE FICTION, where he creates a brand-new monologue from an outline drafted in the hour before the show while the audience enters. My home town!!!
See appearances_stage (on site's sidebar) for excerpts of very early Spalding from the Wooster Archives.
Some demonstrate his first monologue directions though some sound quality is very poor.
And Everything is Going Fine in MY TOWN - Victoria, BC - April 29,30,May1,2011 - 9PM - Cinecenta
Glascow, Scotland - Stories Left to Tell - March 24th, 2011

Stories Left to Tell at:
Emelin Theatre
153 Library Lane
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Preview Date: April 1, 2011
Opening Date: April 1, 2011
Closing Date: April 2, 2011
NY Times Review/Times/Tickets
Theatre Gigante: "Shades of Gray: A Celebration of Spalding Gray"
Oct. 27-30, 2011 at the UWM Kenilworth Studio 508, 1925 E. Kenilworth Place, Milwaukee
The program includes the Milwaukee premiere of Steven Soderbergh's documentary And Everything Is Going Fine ,
performances of Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell
and an interview and audience talkback with Kathleen Russo.
The Holland Festival, in Amsterdam (the most prestigious arts festival in the Netherlands)
presents the Dutch première of And Everything is Going Fine,
with Kathie Russo and Forrest Gray in attendance
as well as Swimming to Cambodia and Gray's Anatomy. June 10 to 13, 2011 - more info here
Thank you to Jan van den Berg for his work on these showings
Spalding Gray Retrospective : Rochester, NY
George Easton House, Dryden Theater
900 East Avenue
Rochester NY
April 12, 2011 - MONSTER IN A BOX
Trivia re projectile vomit during Our Town
Trivia re Original Run in NYC
April 19, 2011 - KING OF THE HILL
April 22, 2011 (8 pm) & 24 (4:30 pm) - AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE
April 23, 2011 (8 pm) & 24 (7 pm) -SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA
ALL are rare theatrical showings.

King of the Hill is an excellent film much overlooked. One of Spalding's best roles.
Story of him getting the part is strange (of course)(in And Everything is Going Fine),
also another story of Spalding taking break outside during shoot, still with fake blood all over him...
I will add on this page, on ocassion, updates on certain monologists
as in ones that at supportive of this site (as in write to me more than once,
and do not only use the page for good links until they win some award like an Obie or beome famous
and then completely ignore me). I'd loved to list them here as they piss me off but I will resist for now.
The other exception are people or groups who have won the annual Spalding Gray Award, past and present.
So here goes: Heather Woodbury, receipient of the first SG Award. (Details of the Award are on this site.)
Fomenting ARTS and Bootleg Theater present:
"As The Globe Warms
The low-carbon deep drama serial! HBO without the TV!
Online at
The final season of Heather Woodbury’s weekly dramatic serial As the Globe Warms
continues Tuesdays in March and April, 2011 at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.
Woodbury, an OBIE Award-winning actor and NEA Playwriting Fellow
known for her sprawling theatrical sagas, writes and performs the final season from week to week,
as she goes, with no safety net."
Congratulations Heather.
Kathie Russo will be in the Plenary
44th American Association of Suicidology Annual Conference
Changing the Legacy of Suicide
April 13th-16th, 2011
Hilton Portland & Executive Towers, Portland, OR

The Journals of Spalding Gray
Written by Spalding Gray

Edited by Kathie Russo and Nell Casey
Formats: eBook, 320 pages ; Hardcover, 336 pages Publisher: Knopf
On Sale: October 18, 2011
Price: $28.95 US
ISBN: 978-0-307-70052-0 (0-307-70052-6)
Note: Amazon seems to have a much better price:
$19.11 vs. $28.95 elsewhere
and only $14.99 on Kindle (Kindle free software can be downloaded for your computer
so you do not need a Kindle (though they are very good to have).
Taken 5000 pages of Diaries and further interviews Spalding’s associates.35,000-copy first printing.
Please Pre-Order using the Affiliates link on this site
- either Random House or Amazon affiliates though as mentioned above, Amazon seems to have better price.
Note below Amazon affiliate link, instructions on going to your own country's Amazon, unless you live in Canada
(as I do)
For Everything about And Everything is Going Fine, please see the 'Fine' page on the sidebar.
As of Dec.20, 2010 - the following are the openings/showings of
And Everything Is Going Fine, based on information from IFC and information I have found in Google alerts
The difference indicates the importance of checking local listings
If you find a showing not listed here, please notify me via Contact on this site's sidebar:
Dec. 13th, 2010 - LA
San Antonio and Washington DC,(date of openings unlisted)
and Willamette, OR (Dec. 10)
Sag Harbor (presented by Lesser), 24/12/10
12/31/2010 (opens) - Denver, CO (Denver Film Society) - 01/06/2011 (closes)
1/3/2011 (opens) - Austin, TX (Alamo Ritz)- 1/5/2011 (closes)
1/14/2011 (opens) - Seattle (SIFf Cinema) - 1/20/2011 (closes)
1/18/2011 (opens) - Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL
1/21/2011 (opens) - Nashville (Belcourt) - 1/24/2011 (closes)
2/03/2011 (opens) - Bloomington, IN (IU Cinema)- 02/06/2011 (closes)
2/04/2011 (opens)- Portland, OR (Northwest Film Center) - 2/05/2011 (closes)
2/11/2011 (opens) - Hartford, CT (Real Art Ways) - 2/17/2011 (closes)
2/19/2011 - Boulder, Co. (International Film Series)
3/04/2011 - Omaha, NE (Film Streams)
3/10/2011 (opens) - Toronto, ON (TIFF Bell Lightbox) - 3/16/2011 (closes)
3/18/2011 (opens) - Columbus, OH (Wexner Center) - 3/19/2011 (closes)
4/23/2011 (opens) - George Easton House, Rochester, NY - 4/24/2011 (closes)

Remember to always check the sidebar link 'Fine' as it may be more up to date
in terms of Schedule
Tribeca Film Interview with Kathleen Russo
by Kristin McCracken
Quote :
"Monologist Spalding Gray's widow Kathleen Russo opens up about his suicide, the 7 years since,
and Steven Soderbergh's new doc about his life.
Amazingly resilient, she's our new hero!"

Spalding Gray's wife speaks out during release of documentary
includes audio of interview with Kathie Russo
Transcription of Interview - thanks to Tom Tangney from
Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell - San Francisco - directed by Brian Katz and Daunielle Rasmussen
Tickets - Jan. 25,27 - 29, 2011, 8PM, Feb.3 - 5, 8PM, Feb.10 - 12, 8PM, Feb.17 - 19, 8PM
San Francisco Bay Area Premiere - Custom Made Theater Company - Gough Street Playhouse
Spalding Gray lives on in his own words
- cast list and a short interview with Kathie Russo
Press Release
Spalding Gray; Stories Left to Tell
Performance Space 122 - part of the COIL Festival Wed Jan 5, 2010 at 6.30
Fri Jan 7, 2010 at 6.30
Sun Jan 9, 2010 at 9.30
Tues Jan 11, 2010 at 4.30
Cast: Kathleen Chalfant, Hazelle Goodman, Ain Gordon, Bob Holman
and a different special guest at each show.
Jan 9th the guest will be Jonathan Ames

Note: Stories Left to Tell continues to tour with orginal cast
as well as being performed by other theater groups
Please see the Stories Left to Tell page on this site's sidebar for all latest details
What's It Like To Be  You? by Ben Hollis comes to Chicago 02/11
The New Wild: Talking With Ben Hollis - Interview 01/11

Another great Review/Interview from Chicago (includes schedule details)

"its inspiration is largely Spalding's Interviewing the Audience...Spalding once remarked how odd it was that my last name, Hollis, was the  first name of one of his closest childhood buddies.  It seemed to make an  impression on him." Ben
Ben is a supporter of and is a great person!!! This presentation has the blessing of the Estate
and was approved by Spalding shorrtly before his passing.

Zack Helm -     Interviewing the Audience - performances at Vineyard Theater, Off Broadway - February 3, 2011, ahead of an opening night of February 10 and will run through February 27, 2011
And Everything is Going Fine Trailer from IFC
"And everything is going fine except
for the squirrels, the gypsy moths and a pig farmer named Rocky..."
Wednesday, December 8 - Thursday, December 9, 2010 at IFC, NYC
323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street - (212) 924-7771
A two-night program of rare screenings of the work of the famed writer and performer.
Steven Soderbergh’s portrait of Gray, AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE, opens December 10.
Wednesday, December 8 at 7:30
The filmed version of the Tony Award-winning production of OUR TOWN (1989, Kirk Browning)
a long-running Broadway hit staging of Thornton Wilder’s iconic American play, directed by Gregory Mosher and starring Spalding Gray as the stage manager.
Other cast members include Eric Stoltz and Penelope Ann Miller.
Mr. Mosher will discuss the film;
other special guests include Kathie Russo, Gray’s widow and producer of AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE; and Amy Hobby, also a producer of the new film.
Purchase tickets online
Thursday, December 9 at 7:30
Three rare screenings: TERRORS OF PLEASURE (1988, Thomas Schlamme), a 60-minute monologue written and performed by Gray;
A LIFE IN PROGRESS (1985, Robbie Henson), a 30-minute portrait of the artist;
and a special trailer for Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky’s BROTHER’S KEEPER that consists of a brief monologue performed by Spalding Gray. Joe Berlinger will appear to discuss working with Gray; Ms. Russo and Ms. Hobby will also be in attedance.
Purchase tickets online
Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell (Jan 21 - Feb 19, 2011)
San Francisco Bay Area Premiere - Custom Made Theater Company - Caution - Avira anti-virus scan gives a virus warning for this site - which maybe only an ad bot or maybe more - use caution until resolved

Stories Left to Tell at Off the Wall in Pittsburgh
February 12, 2011 8pm
Please see the 'Fine' page on this site for the most recent news on And Everything is Going Fine
as these updates may be out of date
As of Nov. 5, 2010 there remains some confusion about both domestic and foreign showings of
And Everything is Going Fine:
1) IFC confirms only the theatrical showing Dec. 10 in NYC
yet San Antonio and Washington DC has a listing that IFC does not seem to know about.
so Opening may be more general. IFC On Demand available Dec. 22nd, 2010.
See IFC On Demand for way to search your area for provider.
2) Magnolia also appears confused about foreign showings as
Sheffield Festival, though listed by Magnolia as ACCEPTED, had no knowledge of the submission
Therefore, all foreign showings listed below should be carefully checked using the links
before any attendance is anticipated.
I continue to have contact with as many sources as possible to keep the listings current and correct
Your patience, as we have been waiting years for this film, is appreciated.
And Everything is Going Fine in Memphis, TN
at Indie Memphis Film Festival,
Kathie Russo, who will host a 4 p.m. Oct. 23 Playhouse on the Square showing
in San Antonoio, Texas, opens Dec. 10, 2010 - the link has all information available as of Oct. 26th, 2010
(no word on Kathie Russo attendance in San Antonio as NYC opening same night)
again note that NYC opening is same date:
IFC Center 323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street,NYC - (212) 924-7771
INTERNATIONAL SHOWINGS of And Everything is Going Fine as of Oct. 3rd, 2010
(Please check links for festival updates as some status is SUBMITTED = not yet confirmed,
PASSED means submitted but not accepted)
Thank you to Magnolia Pictures and the Estate of Spalding Gray for their work and information

Filmfest Munchen (Germany) June 25 - July 3, 2010 - ACCEPTED
Deauville Festival of American Cinema (France) September 3 - 12, 2010 - SUBMITTED
Batumi International Film Festival (Georgia) September 15 - 28, 2010 - INVITED
Cologne Conference (Germany) September 26 - October 1, 2010 - ACCEPTED
AmFest (Russia) October 6 - 12, 2010 - ACCEPTED
Viennale (Austria) October 2010 - PASSED
Pusan International Film Festival (South Korea) October 7 - 15, 2010 - SUBMITTED
Dok Leipzig (Germany) October 18 - 24, 2010 - SUBMITTED
American Film Festival (Poland) October 20 - 24, 2010 - INVITED
Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan) October 22 - November 4, 2010 - SUBMITTED
Tokyo International Film Festival (Japan) October 23 - 31, 2010 - SUBMITTED
CNEX Documentary Festival (Taiwan) October 28 - November 7, 2010 - ACCEPTED
Sheffield Doc Fest (UK) November 3 -7, 2010 - ACCEPTED
CPH: DOX (Denmark) November 4-14, 2010 - ACCEPTED
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan) November 4 - 18, 2010 - SUBMITTED
Stockholm International Film Festival (Sweden) November 17 - 28, 2010 - SUBMITTED
IDFA (Netherlands) November 18 - 28, 2010 - PASSED
Epos Art Film Fest (Israel) November 24 - 27, 2010 - INVITED
Plus CAMERIMAGE (Poland) November 27 - December 4, 2010 - SUBMITTED
Dubai International Film Festival (United Arab Emirates) December 12 - 19, 2010 - SUBMITTED
DocPoint - Helsinki International Documentary Film Festival (Finland) January 25 - 30, 2011 - SUBMITTED
Off Plus Camera International Film Festival (Poland) April 2011 - SUBMITTED
Indie Lisboa (Portugal) May 5 - 15, 2011 - SUBMITTED

Scenes From A Life: Spalding Gray as Himself … and Not
- an interview with Kathie Russo about And Everything Is Going Fine - EXCELLENT
including 'opens nationally on December 10, 2010 and will continue to be screened at festivals overseas until next May'
- Spoiler alert as many scenes in the film are discussed
- opening confrimed with Estate, address is: IFC Center 323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street - (212) 924-7771

From The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press - excellent article on And Everything Is Going Fine

From Dan', another excellent article about Spalding and And Everything is Going Fine
And Everything is Going Fine showings at Hamtons International Film Festival
Oct 08, 6:45PM, UA East Hampton Theater 3
Mon, Oct 11, 2:00PM UA, East Hampton Theater 3
No word if Kathie Russo will attend but given she lives nearby...
"As Ms. Russo put it, the Hamptons International Film Festival will be quite “a family affair.”
Forrest, already an accomplished musician, wrote the score for “And Everything Is Going Fine,”
while his younger brother, Theo, stars in another film, “The Blue Eyed Boy,” which will be screened at the festival on Monday.
Ms. Russo herself will make an appearance at a question-and-answer session following Mr. Soderbergh’s film,
which is to be screened in East Hampton on Friday, October 8, at 6:45 p.m. and on Monday at 2 p.m."
Note: Theo's film "The Blue Eyed Boy" is not listed on - details on this short are on

And remember, reviews are most welcome for this Spalding Gray Site - see Reviews
From the Producer's of And Everything is Going Fine:
"Independent Film Channel is distributing the film for North America. We're still looking for an overseas distributor."
No dates as of yet (Aug. 2010).
Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
7380 E. Second St. Scottsdale, AZ, 85251
PHONE: 480-994-2787
January 21, 2011
Stories Left to Tell:
Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, 215-574-3550
April 1 and 2, 2011
Steven Soderbergh to present And Everything is Going Fine
August 3rd, 2010, New Orleans.
Rare opportunity as Soderbergh in attendance. Only previous appearance was in NYC.
Australian Review of And Everything is Going Fine
In Australia! In Melbourne! And Everything is Going Fine
Sun 25 Jul 4:45 PM Greater Union Cinema 5
11:30 PM Greater Union Cinema 5
And remember the Munich Festival showings:
Munich Schedule Announced:
Wednesday, 30.06.2010 17:30
Gasteig – Vortragssaal der Bibliothek
Saturday, 03.07.2010 17:30
Making memories matter - Kathie Russo in conversation about And Everything Is Going Fine
by Chris Docker
Spalding Gray Widow Kathleen Russo: 'Irish Car Crash Sparked Suicide'
from the Post Chronicle
Recent quote from Kathie Russo on plans for Book, Play & Film About Husband's Life
Gray's Widow Plans Book, Play & Film About Husband's Life
Actor/writer SPALDING GRAY's widow is keeping her late husband's legacy alive
by writing a book about her time with him and a play and film based on his journals.
Kathleen Russo was left devastated when Gray committed suicide
by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry in New York in 2004,
and she's committed to keeping her dead husband's memory alive.
Currently producing Steven Soderbergh's documentary about Gray's life,
And Everything is Going Fine, the Hollywood costume designer has big plans for 2011.
She tells WENN,
"There is so much work that I'm doing.
There's a book for (publishers) Knoft next year
and I'm doing a play based on his journals that will tour Britain, called There Are Stories to Tell.
It comes to Glasgow next March. It's a cast of five people that represent a part of his life
- the adventurer, the journal reader, the family man, the lover and the career person.
"It will also be a film;
Whoopi Goldberg is one of the producers on the film.
John C. Reilly is gonna be in it, we think,
as The Family Man and John Leguizamo as The Lover and Whoopi as The Career Person.
Lucy Sexton and I worked on the script and we're starting to get the money together."
Sexton, who will direct the film, is married to filmmaker Stephen Daldry.
Reviews of And Everything is Going Fine from Edinburgh Festival:
Life's Work: "And Everything is Going Fine"
Edinburgh Film Festival Schedule of And Everything is Going Fine
June 19, 2010 18:30
June 20, 2010 18:30
SPECIAL FEATURE: Kathie Russo (Producer) and Forrest Gray (Soundtrack) in attendance at both screenings

Munich Schedule Announced:
Wednesday, 30.06.2010 17:30
Gasteig – Vortragssaal der Bibliothek
Saturday, 03.07.2010 17:30
Soderbergh on the Death of Spalding Gray
On Spalding's Birthday (2010), Roger Ebert wrote on Twitter (quote is from Killing Fields):
"The sea's a lovely lady when you play in her. But if you play with her, she's a BITCH!"
A superb review of And Everything is Going Fine by Theresa Smalec at the is more scholastic essay than review
As such, it contains many parts of the film, including the beginning and end,
which some fans may regard as spoilers
for those eager to see this film, they are teasers
Theresa unknownly did the last interview with Spalding which is also superb and is listed under Books on this site. Note the assistance of photographers of Clay Walker and Ali Hossaini

And another great review I found today from The Documentary Blog.
The Globe and Mail in Canada has the first foreign review of Fine, and it's a good one! (ending spoiler alert!)
see below for other reviews.
- and the PBS review at Hot Docs in Toronto by Jeremy Freed
- and the excellent 'existential' review at Hot Docs by Jonathan Doyle of Media Party
- and a good review from BOMBIPPY at Hot Docs
- and another interesting review from Hot Docs
- and review by Katrina at at Hot Docs
- and the short but great review in Toronto's NOW magazine<
- and perhaps the best review, Nicole Fairbairn, of them all because this one is Inspiration!
- and the Toronto Film Scene review by Katarina Gligorijevic
- and yet another good review from Hot Docs (actually excellent but there are so many...)
by Monika Bartyzel for Cinematical
As of May 2, 2010, these are the remaining festival showings of And Everything is Going Fine:
- Edinborough - Not yet listed as playing
- Munich - Not yet listed as playing

Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell in Denver at Newman Square, University of Denver
Fri, 11 Mar 2011 7:30 pm
Sat, 12 Mar 2011 7:30 pm
Rabih Mroué, winner of the Spalding Gray Award, appears very busy in the Netherlands
art shows, theatre and more...comforting to know that now he can come to the US
In the Netherlands, Rabih Mroué presents an art exhibit:
Between 21 May and 1 August, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht proudly presents
I, the Undersigned, his first solo exhibition .
Powerhouse Theatre at Vassar in Poughkeepsie, NY presents: INTERVIEWING THE AUDIENCE (July 23 - 25, 2010) by Zach Helm (Good Canary, Stranger than Fiction, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium),
inspired by Spalding Gray, Helm invites audience members on an intimate hilarious, and occasionally shocking journey in this improvised and interactive work.
In a good review from SXSW, Moises Chiullan (Hollywood Elsewhere) comments:
"It'll (Fine) hit theaters in limited release starting in November" One can only hope for wider release and fast move to DVD...
Kathie Russo NPR interview about Stories Left to Tell - 18/3/2010

- and Stories Left to Tell at the Bride in Philadelphia - a short, interesting article about this theatre that was important to Spalding
- and still(04/2010)lists Spalding as still living in:
New York, NY
Carmel, NY
Sag Harbor, NY
It's tempting to pay the 99 cents for the 'Details'...
At the NYC premiere of Fine (which seems to be catching on as title), with Soderbergh in attendance,
the Programmer is reported as saying
And Everything is Going Fine will find a wider release this fall, 2010
Does that mean a release deal is in place??? Ohhh, we hope so as that would be Fine...
Ever wonder like me where the title And Every Thing is Going Fine orginates...
I guess when you've seen the Film,
you would know. Thanks to Gavin Dahl, whose excellent review is linked below :
"A story about going to visit his (Spalding's) father and stepmother included the passage, "And everything is going fine, except ..." as a dozen annoyances get in the way of their meal."
I guess this site is a lot of the 'excepts'...
International Premiere of And Everything is Going Fine will be at Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada
Fri, April 30, 2010 6:30 pm
Sat, May 01, 2010 1:45 pm
See link for theatres
further down for other showings
The 2010 Spalding Gray Award goes to Rabih Mroué, Lebanese Playright
Here are the best links:
NY Times Announcement,
Comtemporary Performance Article with videos,
Frieze Art Fair,
Lebanon Bans Tale of Fighters in Militias
REVIEWS of And Everything is Going Fine :

Josh Olson's Day 3 at SXSW: Soderbergh's EVERYTHING IS FINE
- a very good review and story

- and Landon Palmer's excellent review SXSW Review: And Everything is Going Fine

- and the Hollywood Reporter at SXSW

- and a good review in the Huffington Post

- and an excellent review of Everything in the Boise weekly by Gavin Dahl

- and the Tastee Pudding review

- and the Indu Subaiya review

- and Fine liked at Full Frame in Durham, NC and by Slant Magazine at Full Frame

- and the Sarasota Film Festival Review in the Herald Tribune (spoiler of ending)

- and another good review from Full Frame by Katie Review's Blog
Spalding & MeParts 1-19, Parts 20 - 36 and on (60 chapters proposed...)
"A story about a young man and his hero who was far too human for what he needed."
Worthy of an Update, this blog, 30 entries last I checked, is a very well written blog...
with the untold story of Spalding's arrest at the Boston Airport, in 2002
From a blog on the SXSW Film Fest:
during the q & a, one of the producers (Joshua Blum or Amy Hobby)
answered a question about plans to release Gray's performance films on DVD
by saying, "We hope to see a box set come out through the Criterion Collection in 2011,
but the deal's not done yet."

- Hope springs eternal that unreleased monologes such as SAD (Sex and Death) will be included
and yes, for our British fans, that the Box Set will also be on Region 2!!!
A reminder that Kaitlyn Kilmetis continues her insightful series on Stories Left to Tell
performed at Queens Theatre in the Park (NOTE: now moving for short run in Manhattan)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
And a Review of the Performance at Queens Theatre in the Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park
A reminder that Radiohole's (Spalding Gray Award winner 2009) Whatever, Heaven Allows continues at P.S. 122 in NYC

More showings for And Everything is Going Fine (note some lack of firm dates as of 09/03/10 - more info to come)
- Sarasota - Saturday, April 17th, 2010 5:15 PM, Sunday, April 18th, 2010 2:30 PM
- Maryland - no schedule listed yet
Steven Soderbergh’s documentary “And Everything is Going Fine
will launch the thirteenth season of the IFC Center’s Stranger Than Fiction (STF) weekly documentary film series,
on April 6th, 2010.
Soderbegh will be in attendance for the kick-off of the series, which runs every Tuesday night through June 8.
Each film screened will feature a Q&A with the filmmakers, followed by drinks at Alibi Lounge.
323 Sixth Avenue at West Third Street,NYC | (212) 924-7771
- Durham, NC - no schedule listed yet
- Edinborough - Not yet listed as playing
- Munich - Not yet listed as playing

And in all the bzzz about Everything is Fine, let's not forget the various presentations of
Stories Left to Tell
including the Walker Center , Minneapolis, March 18, and 20th, 2010 with special art tour by Kathie Russo
and other showings listed below
Guest Performers:
Thursday, March 18 with Louie Anderson
Friday, March 19 with Kerri Miller
Saturday, March 20 with Kevin Kling
Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia
03/25,26,27/2010 - 8:00pm
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens Theatre in the Park
Fri. Mar 19, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sat. Mar 20, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sun. Mar 21, 2010 @ 3:00pm
Fri. Mar 26, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sat. Mar 27, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sun. Mar 28, 2010 @ 3:00pm
with installments in multi part series by Reach Reporter Kaitlyn Kilmetis of the Queens Tribune

More And Everything is Going Fine
From the Durham, NC dBusinessNews, Durham, NC:
The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival has announced 14 titles from the Invited Programming lineup for the 13th annual festival.
This section features films screening out of competition,
many of which will be accompanied by panel conversations or other live events following the screening.
A list of accompanying special guests, alongside anticipated additions, will be released in the coming weeks.
The 2010 Full Frame Documentary Festival will be held April 8 through 11, 2010 in Durham, NC,
with Duke University as the presenting sponsor. Festival passes are currently on sale at
Full Frame’s film schedule will be announced March 18, and advance tickets go on sale April 1.
And on the Slamdance web page, And Everything is Going Fine ranks as the 2nd most popular film,
2nd by .01 of a score out of 5.
Blog writings of people who were unfamilar with Spalding's work are very positive.
Future showings/info is unknown as of 07/03/10
which is the 6th anniversary of men (Robin Snead) finding Spalding's body, later writing story in Esquire
Turns out I didn't have that linked on the site...go figure...
And Everything is Going Fine will show at:
South by Southwest Film Festival, Austin, TX, March 13 & 14, 2010
and True False Film Festival in Columbia MO, Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 / 12:00PM /
and Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010 / 10:00AM
The first full length review is in for And Everything is Going Fine
and it's FANTASTIC - congrats to Soderbergh, Kathie and Forrest...and Spalding...
and the Voice also likes it - note last Q re film's future - no deal for distribution yet...
Stories Left To Tell
Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106 March 25, 2010 08:00 pm
March 26, 2010 08:00 pm
March 27, 2010 08:00 pm

WORLD PREMIERE at PS 122 - Sunday, February 21- Saturday, March 13
SPALDING GRAY AWARD WINNER - Spalding Party Thursday, February 25,2010
NYT - One Singular Auteur, Through Another
SPOILER ALERT - gives away last scene
-excellent article/interview about Soderbergh's Documentary And Everything Is Going Fine
reporter evidently has seen the film and the buzz is very positive...
SPALDING GRAY: STORIES LEFT TO TELL by Outrageous Fortune Company
Queens Theatre in the Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Corona, NY 11368
- Box Office 718.760.0064
Fri. Mar 19, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sat. Mar 20, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sun. Mar 21, 2010 @ 3:00pm
Fri. Mar 26, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sat. Mar 27, 2010 @ 8:00pm
Sun. Mar 28, 2010 @ 3:00pm
This production appears to be not be the original cast, but by their own cast.

Spoken Ink has released a downloadable version of the book
Sex and Death to the Age of 14
NOTE: this is NOT the orginal audio version which remains extremely rare and
this mp3 is read by another person. However, Spoken Ink is a very good company.
Fomenting ARTS unlimited, Inc. presents: Heather Woodbury’s AS THE GLOBE WARMS
(Heather was the winner of the first Spalding Gray Award)
the new meta-serial for the age of DIY, live and on-line
January 9th, 2010: The episodic marathon begins at Echo Curio in Echo Park, Los Angeles!
A Live, Brand New Half-hour solo performance every Saturday night at 8:00p.m. for 12 weeks.
(Resuming for 12 weeks in July, August, Sept.)
AND On-line from January12th, 2010, continuously every week for 48 weeks

From the New Yorker:
Ain Gordon, Bob Holman, David Cale, Carmelita Tropicana, and Josh Lefkowitz read from the works
of Spalding Gray, the actor and writer who went missing in January of 2004 and whose body
was discovered in the East River two months later. (308 Bowery, at Bleecker St. . Jan. 10
at 8.)
These people are from Stories Left To Tell and the location is very good.

Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints by Annie La Ganga
- a monologist in a sense has a reading from her book Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints
at CityLights Books in San Francisco on 2/17/10 - book receives excellent reviews
THE SPALDING GRAYS - Indie / Rock / Alternative
- just discovered this band from Charlotte, North Carolina
no details yet on the name...
This site's good friend Charlie Bethel has good link page
and exerpt from his excellent Beowulf
INTERVIEWING THE AUDIENCE with ZACH HELM - NOTE - this is the second timer Mr. Helm has presented this without the permission of the Estate
or even informing the Estate. I believe the Estate is very understanding.
There is a link on the Sidebar called Performance Rights and if that is unclear,
you can use the Contact link. Performance without permission is bad form at best...
Excellent article/interview with the Glazzies (Forrest Gray's Band)
It references "Open Door with lyrics written by poet Jim Carroll for Forrest Gray’s father,
the late Spalding Gray" - given that Mr. Carroll has now passed on,
does anyone know where to get these lyrics?

and the Soderbergh Documentary, initially just called Spalding Gray, now has a title:
'And Everything is Going Fine'
major kodos to anyone who can tell me why such a title...completely new to me!!!
World Premiere - Saturday, January 23rd at Slamdance which is part of 2010 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL January 21, 2010 - January 31, 2010 in Park City, Utah.
Swimming to Spalding received great review in NYT!!!

Stories Left to Tell in Sag Harbor -
The cast features Tony Award winner Mercedes Ruehl (The Goat, Lost in Yonkers),
Tony nominee Kathleen Chalfant (Angels in America, W;t),
Hazelle Goodman (The Vagina Monologues),
author Michael Cunningham ("The Hours") and playwright Ain Gordon (A Disaster Begins)and Obie winner for this play.
Spalding Gray Left Stories Untold - Interview with Kathie Russo

Stories Left To Tell at the Bay Street Theatre

Forrest Gray's new band:the Glazzies on myspace...
Mystery of Mexican Group SPALDINGGRAY solved...
From Gary Leiga - band member:
"I play in the band called spaldinggray. We started playing in 1997 and the reason why we choose that name is actually a funny story. We called the band, lester, but we were going to have a show and we needed another name. So I watched a movie and I saw spalding gray on the credits and i thought that would make it a great name for a band. We played as spalding gray the next show and people really liked the band and really dig the name. We didnt know anything about him and the name stucked for 12 years now. I bet that if you say spaldinggray in mexico most people imagine a rock show rather than stand up comedy. The day Spalding Gray died we did receive many e mails. We havent played in a while, we are in a infinitus hiatus."
Spalding was actually very fine with the use of his name by this band.
and his children enjoyed the music.
The CD is Spanish punkish music and is only distributed in Mexico.
The band has offered to sell the CD thru me if you write to me using the Contact link.
Lián Amaris - Swimming to Spalding, directed by Richard Schechner - How exciting is that!!!
According to press notes, "Following the map of experience described in Spalding Gray's masterpiece Swimming to Cambodia nearly a generation ago, Swimming to Spalding recounts one performer’s pilgrimage to the sites in Thailand evoked by Gray in his account of the filming of the movie The Killing Fields. Combining Gray's signature 'table and notebook' story-telling style with her own theatrical approach, performer Lian Amaris details a year of her experiences all over the world – from Bangkok brothels to Baghdad bombings, from Mardi Gras to mental institutions. Part homage, part commentary, Swimming to Spalding reflects on how beauty and grace endure amidst the cruelties of war, prostitution, mental illness, and making art."

I need someone to review this for the site please. Use the Contact link.
Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell
(also see Broadway World) featuring Kathleen Chalfant, Hazelle Goodman, Ain Gordon, Lucy Sexton and more!!!
Time: Saturday, Nov 28 8:00pm
Location: Sag Harbor, NY,
Bay Stret Theatre
One Bay St., Sag Harbor, NY, 11963

The Egg (Albany, NY) has announced the cast and special guest readers for the upcoming production of
Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell on Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, 2009: NYC cast members: Bob Holman, author-poet-poetry slam champion Carmelita Tropicana, Obie Award-winning writer-performance artist Josh Lefkowitz, playwright-poet-performer Ain Gordon, three-time Obie Award-winning actor-director-writer Special guest readers: James Howard Kunstler, Saratoga Springs author of “The Geography of Nowhere” and other books about the urban condition Rex Smith, editor of the Albany Times Union and co-host of “The Media Project” radio show.
See also Speaking of Spalding Gray where in Kathie Russo calls Spalding "the grandfather of monology"...
and Reviving the voice of Spalding Gray.

Stories Left to Tell schedule as of 09/09

Nov. 13 and 14, 2009 The Egg in Albany, NY
March 18-20,2010 The Walker Arts center, Minneapolis
March 25-28, Painted Bride, Philadelphia

Soderbergh Doc Premier at Sundance 2010

The Soderbergh Documentary on Spalding is finished and will open Saturday, January 23rd at Slamdance which is part of 2010 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL January 21, 2010 - January 31, 2010 in Park City, Utah.

Read the link for part of an interview with Soderbergh. Very interesting description of the Documentary.

Petition to bring back 'Trying Times'

Dear John Boland (NOT from PBS),

Thank you for using our free petition hosting service.Your "Bring Back 'Trying Times' on PBS" petition is now live online at, and it will be considered for linking from the directory pages.The main URL for your petition is:

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The petition title is: Bring Back 'Trying Times' on PBS.> > The petition URL is:
The petition is directed to: John Boland, Chief Programmer, PBS> > The start date is: ..> > The end date is: ..>> The petition statement says:We,the undersigned,ask that PBS bring back the show Trying Times that ran in 1986 and 1987. There were 12 episodes. The main reason to bring this series back is that it was exceptional. It was also the early work of many actors now well known. The list is at These include :
Rosanna Arquette, Candice Bergen, Teri Garr, Spalding Gray, Steven Wright, Stockard Channing, Carrie Fisher, Sally Kirkland, Robert Klein, Jean Stapleton, Jessica Harper, Tim Matheson, Ted Stidder, John Stockwell, Lyman Ward, Griffin Dunne, Corey Feldman, Sheila McCarthy, Judge Reinhold, Peter Scolari, Louie Anderson, Catherine Bach, Hagan Beggs, Hope Lange, Ketty Lester, Gail Boggs, Anne De Salvo, Katherine McGrath, Linda Purl, Danitra Vance, Dustin Berkovitz, David Byrne, Bruno Gerussi, Betty Phillips, Ruth Springford, Richard Dimitri, Alejandra Gollas, Jerry Houser, Marcell Rosenblatt, Al Ruscio, Melanie Jones, Catherine O'Hara, Keanu Reeves, Robert Ridgely, Ron Silver, Eric Ayala, Buck Henry, Kurt Knudson, Jon Polito, Tracy Brooks Swope, Anne Ramsey, Jeff Schultz, Doug Tuck, Laura White, George Belanger, Kalimba, Max Perlich, Ken Smith, Jay Brazeau, Norman Browning, Jackson Davies, John Steadman, Álvaro Carcaño, Ellen Gollas, Dondee Spencer, Alex Bruhanski, Brandon Call, David Alden, Gabriela Goldsmith, Ron Wertheim, Janne Mortil, Jaqueline Fernandez, John Sabol, Irina Areu, Jeff Daniels, Julie Hagerty, Swoosie Kurtz, Roger Cudney, Geena Davis, Nancy Lenehan, Peter Riegert...
I have had a number of people ask me if I have particular episodes. It was never released on VHS or DVD. Releasing the complete set of episodes on DVD and PBS selling them is another viable alternative.
We specifically address this request to John Boland, Chief Content Officer, PBS. The fact that this request was started by another John Boland is purely coincidental. My interest in particular is the episode 'Bedtime Story' written by Spalding Gray and Renee Shafransky. As with all the episodes, the writing is hilarious and the episode outstanding.
Respectfully written by John Boland, Webmaster for the Estate of Spaling Gray


Thanks to Kathie Russo, Lucy Sexton and, the play Stories Left to Tell (SLTT) will begin a national tour. The following are the cities and dates that have been arranged so far. Keep watch on the site, or join the mailing list or ever better - find a theatre near you that wants to present this amazing work. Note that I do not have the exact theatres yet, just the cities and dates:

Albany- Nov. 13 and 14, 2009
Minneapolois- March 18-20, 2010
Philadelphia- March 25-27, 2010


SPALDING GRAY: Stories Left to Tell

To benefit the Spalding Gray Award
ONE NIGHT ONLY presented as part of Barrow Street Theater's
Summer SOLO Series

Thu, July 16 8pm
Tickets $35 Online
By Phone: (212) 691-1555
In Person: Soho Playhouse Box Office
(Open Tue - Sun 1-8pm)
15 Vandam Street (1 block north of Spring Street, just west of Sixth Avenue)
"Vividly funny. joyous, devastating, affecting, gorgeous...a breathing portrait." - Ben Brantley, New York Times

"Fresh, engaging, moving, powerful. Gray's words not only relate the story of his own life, they allow a new group of artists to reflect on what being alive can mean." - Mark Blankenship, Variety

Stories Left to Tell catapults us into the hilarious and heartbreaking life and words of one of the most revered storytellers of our time. A five-person ensemble performs Spalding Gray's legendary stories and monologues---interwoven with previously unpublished material from his letters and journals. As Backstage put it: "Gray was a funny funny man; this show20is a gift."

Featuring Ain Gordon, Bob Holman, Aasif Mandvi, Carmelita Tropicana and Frank Wood

Conceived and Directed by Kathleen Russo and Lucy Sexton

100% of the proceeds from Stories Left to Tell presented by the Barrow Street Theater directly supports The Spalding Gray Award

The Spalding Gray Award is an annual commissioning award created by Performance Space 122, UCLA Live, and Kathleen Russo.

The Spalding Gray Award supports gifted writer/performers who fully realize both aspects of Spalding's legacy, who are fearless innovators of theatrical form, who reach into daily experience and create resonant, transcendent work that makes us all bigger, wider, wiser and, somehow, more than we were when we entered the theater. The Award Committee is Vallejo Gantner (P.S. 122), David Sefton (UCLA Live), Philip Bither (Walker Arts Center), Ben Harrison (The Andy Warhol Museum), and Kathleen Russo.

Gray developed may of his famed monologues at Performance Space 122 and it is still home to his signature desk. Gray developed and created Morning, Noon and Night, Gray on Gray and Interviewing the Audience at P.S. 122, where he was working on Life Interrupted at the time of his death.

Winners of the Spalding Gray Award:
  • 2008 - Radiohole
  • 2007 - the National Theater of the United States of America
  • 2006 - Heather Woodbury
Be sure to check out all of the one-night-only performances of acclaimed solo shows and take joy in the fact that $1 of all ticket sales to the festival will also be donated to The Spalding Gray Award!

CANADA ONLY on CBC TV - excerpts from Monster in A Box to be used on TV show Triple Sensations:

TIME: June 29th, 2009, 8 PM (this appears to be consistent across Canada but check your local listings). I have no further details about the show.

Thank you to Instinct Entertainment and for their cooperation.

From our good friend James Braly (one of the few persons who gets an update without the subject being directly Spaldingish...)

Love your lifestyle but hate your life? Fear you've sold your soul to the Devil but too afraid to confirm your fears? Gotten so far off track from what you wanted to be that you are utterly unrecognizable to yourself? This show is for you! Best of all, it's entertaining, in a cautionary tale kind of way.

I hope you'll join us as we develop The Monthly Nut Fridays & Saturdays at 8PM, and Sundays & Mondays at 7PM.

Tickets: or 212.868.4444. Info at or

Special Promotions/Codes:

TWO FOR ONE NIGHT - Monday, June 8.
Use promotion code 241 at SmartTix.

STUDENT NIGHTS ON SUNDAYS - June 7, June 14, and June 21. Tickets are $10 for students on Sundays. Use promotion code TBGSTU.

ACTOR NIGHT - Monday, June 15.
Join Paul J. Michael for a post-show discussion about image and marketing, and how to cultivate relationships with agents and casting directors. Tickets are $15; use promotion code TBGACT.

SOLO SHOW DISCUSSION - Friday, June 26th.
Ever wanted to write your own solo show? Join TBG co-artistic director, Seth Barrish, and the Monthly Nut himself, James Braly, for a post-show discussion focusing on storytelling, writing and producing your own show. Both James and Seth have enjoyed commercial success with their direction, creation and performance of many one-man shows.

June 3, 2009:

This article is so good, and so packed with information about monologists' performances, that I am going to copy and paste right here - I will remove this at any time upon request. Strict copyright remains with Theatre Mania. I am only using it because it is excellent. I apologize that if you don't go to their site to read this, as that means less hits for them and they do have ads. It appears to be a very good site so please visit. Part of article by Dan Balcalzo:

Aasif Mandvi, Dallas Roberts, Nilaja Sun, et al. Set for Summer Solos Series: (my addition to Title - one performance only of Stories Left to Tell):

Jun 3, 2009 ·New York

The Soho Playhouse will present the Summer Solo Series, featuring one-night-only performances of acclaimed solo shows, June 18-August 4.

Highlights will include Martin Moran's The Tricky Part (June 22), Dallas Roberts performing writer/director Adam Rapp's Nocturne (June 25), Nilaja Sun's No Child... (July 9), Aasif Mandvi's Sakina's Restaurant (July 28), and Heather Raffo's In Concert: Sounds of Desire (July 30).

There will be a special benefit performance of Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell on July 16, directed by Lucy Sexton and featuring Ain Gordon and additional artists to be announced.

The series will also include Amy Wilson (June 18), Stephen Payne (June 29), Taylor Negron (July 7), James Braly (July 14), Thaddeus Phillips (July 21), Debra Ehrhardt (July 23), and performances of works by Glen Berger (June 30 and August 4).

For more information, visit

Also from The Broadwayworld article

All tickets are $35 with a portion of the proceeds from each performance going to benefit theSpalding Gray Scholarship Fund, and may be purchased by visiting the Soho Playhouse website at, or by calling (212) 691-1555. For group sales, please email:, or call (212) 691-1555.

The article also has very good list of schedule for other monologists.

Finally! a link to download music from spalding gray - punk band from Mexico. If anyone can write to them in Spanish and ask them why/how they chose their name, please contact me (the webmaster for the Estate of Spalding Gray) - look for Contact info on sidebar. Note that this music is very punk. The band also has some videos on youtube, mixed in with Spalding Gray clips. Is band still together???

At (interview with Soderbergh), it says:

Q: You’re rumored to have at least five other movies coming out. What’s next?

A: I’ve got a movie about Spalding Gray that I hope we’ll finish editing by the fall. “Moneyball,” based on the book about baseball executives, we’ll be shooting this summer. The Cleopatra project (a ’20s musical featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones and a soundtrack by Guided By Voices) will shoot next year, and so will the movie about Liberace (starring Michael Douglas).

Interview with Kathie Russo re Stories Left to Tell in Boston - Feb. 2009

On rare occasions, I post updates from friends of the site. With Mike Daisey, I usually leave it up to him as his site, does a great job. But this one is so bizarre, it's a MUST read:

From Mike:

In a few weeks I'm traveling to the remote island of Tanna, a tiny speck at the end of the Vanuatu island chain in the South Pacific. It is the location of the last cargo cult in the world: a religion created by islanders after Americans built temporary bases here during WWII.

The religion revolves around the worship of American power, and the summoning of America's power back to the island through sympathetic magic. Islanders enact rituals where they wear whiteface and create costumes that look like military uniforms, and sit at bamboo tables to "type" on bamboo recreations of typewriters...because they saw American servicemen doing the same, and it made the cargo come, and with it the power of America.

From the Wikipedia entry about the John Frum cult:

"In 1941, followers of John Frum rid themselves of their money in a frenzy of spending, left the missionary churches, schools, villages and plantations, and moved further inland to celebrate traditional custom through feasts, dances and rituals. The movement gained popularity in the 1940s when some 300,000 American troops established themselves in Vanuatu. The islanders were impressed both by the egalitarianism of the Americans and their obvious wealth and power. This led them to conflate perceived benefactors such as Uncle Sam, Santa Claus and John the Baptist into a mythic figure who would empower the island peoples by giving them cargo wealth."

Meticulous simulacra have been created—life-size models of McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft, lovingly shaped from bamboo and straw, totems made to call power back to the island. Control towers of bamboo, whole runways accurate to an inch but made of palm fronds—a universe constructed from faith that they could compel America to return to the island.

Now the religion is over fifty years old, and the islanders' faith has evolved with the times. Today the village elders watch CNN on satellite uplink...and they write new hymns to draw out the power of America, based on the news events they see occurring in that far-off land.

I will be there for a massive celebration, held once a year, when the islanders recreate the stories of America from across the sea. They will re-enact the events of the past year—I hope I will see Obama be inaugurated a second time—in great detail.

Thanks Mike. Check out the links. Totally in the belive it or not category!!!

Playbill - Stories Left to Tell in Boston, April 09-

Cast announced!

Josh Lefkowitz, Ain Gordon, Hazelle Goodman and David Cale. Guest performers feature Claire Messud, Buddy Cianci and Christopher Lydon.

someone please go and send me a review. I know there was/is someone in Boston who wanted the show there...just can't remember...

Resulting 'piece' - made possible by the 2007 Spalding Gray Award

by The National Theater of the United States of America at Performance Space 122

Spalding Gray's America by William Demastes

Chapter 5 - (strictly copyrighted)

Courtesy Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group
19 W. 21st Street, suite 201
New York, NY 10010

From our good friend monologist James Braly (

I'd like to draw your attention to another candidate worthy of your vote: Victoria Rowan, host of READING-PA-LOOZA, founder of IDEASMYTH, and writing workshop leader extraordinaire, who has been nominated for a Daily Candy Sweetest Thing Award.

My writing workshop leader for five years, Victoria helped me (and many other writers I know) significantly improve their craft. She's the real deal. And as Al Franken (and Norm Coleman) just learned in Minnesota, every vote really does count.

Please visit


Stories Left to Tell - the amazing play of Spalding's works and Diaries will play in Boston in 2009!!! A MUST SEE!!! Schedule:

Sunday, Mar 1 (2009) 2:00pm
at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA


Date Time Tools
Thursday, Feb 26 7:30pm Add to Calendar Send email about this event
Friday, Feb 27 7:30pm Add to Calendar Send email about this event
Saturday, Feb 28 7:30pm Add to Calendar Send email about this event


AND (note: as of Dec. 24th, 2008, this site is NOT up to date)

For Reviews of the Play, see

Personal Reviews from Boston Show are invited. Click Contact on this site - send in Word.

Note re book: Spalding Gray's America:

Author: William Demastes Biography & Memoir
Publisher: Limelight Editions
ISBN-10: 0879103604
ISBN-13: 9780879103606
Format: Softcover
Publication Year: 2008

Will I read it...oh yeah, I want a signed copy!

Remember to buy thru our link to (link to coming soon!) For now, sign in thru .ca on out affiliate page then click link to .com - scholarship fund still gets percentage).


From the Publisher:

Spalding Gray’s Americais a thoughtful study of Spalding the artist, taking readers from his early days with the Performance Group and Wooster Group all the way through his entire career. It’s alively and accessible evaluation of Gray's career, nicely illustrated.We definitely recommend it for all Spalding Gray fans! Here are a few lines from the introduction to give you an idea of the author’s point of view:

Gray the consummate storyteller offered honest, usually hilarious, and often poignant confessions that bear witness to a world that has generated ever more frequent moments of isolation, self-doubt, and despair. Gray was willing to deal with such moments. But in a spirit that is almost uniquely American, he never allowed us to wallow in the misery that often accompanies those times of doubt, desperation, and panic. Optimism pervaded his performances, even as he recounted dark times when a positive attitude seemed more like foolhardiness. But then, isn’t that what America is all about? Gray’s perspective on life in our world always took on an absurdly funny luster that penetrated his audience and offered us all a sense that, whatever our particular woes, we’re all in it together. And that is a good thing. Of course, Gray was doing far more than just talking. He worked hard at his craft, elevating his talent as a storyteller to an art form rarely (if at all) recuperable by the most ambitious of imitators. One felt that there was something intense and very significant going on when we were in Spalding’s presence, despite his disarming affability.”

David T. Little, a New York based composer
has written a piece in memory of Spalding Gray, which will be
premiered Dec. 9th, 2008 by NOW Ensemble at Princeton University.
It ends the concert, which begins at 8 pm EST, and is being webcast from NOW Ensemble will perform the work again
on December 17th at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York.

Update links about Soderbergh Documentary (it's still in the works)...

Kathie Russo on This American Life! Yes!, she tells a great story about Spalding going missing and the appearance of a bird in their house. Very good story. A MUST listen. Second part of show..."Irish folklore teaches that a live bird in the house represents a departed soul that has been freed and dead birds in the house represent departed souls who are restless." (quote courtesy of

The Holiday Fundraiser to benefit Time for Teens will be held at the North Haven home of Kathie Russo on Saturday, December 6, 2008 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $150 and $250 (the $250 amount will sponsor a child for camp in 2009). Nick & Toni’s will cater the event. To reserve, call Laraine Gordon at 338-7258.

Teens Find Time to Grieve

Fundraiser at Kathie Russo's - if you can go, please send me (Contact/jb) pictures.

Note re book: Spalding Gray's America:

Author: William Demastes Biography & Memoir
Publisher: Limelight Editions
ISBN-10: 0879103604
ISBN-13: 9780879103606
Format: Softcover
Publication Year: 2008

Will I read it...oh yeah, I want a signed copy!

Remember to buy thru our link to (link to coming soon!) For now, sign in thru .ca on out affiliate page then click link to .com - scholarship fund still gets percentage).


From the Publisher:

Spalding Gray’s Americais a thoughtful study of Spalding the artist, taking readers from his early days with the Performance Group and Wooster Group all the way through his entire career. It’s alively and accessible evaluation of Gray's career, nicely illustrated.We definitely recommend it for all Spalding Gray fans! Here are a few lines from the introduction to give you an idea of the author’s point of view:

Gray the consummate storyteller offered honest, usually hilarious, and often poignant confessions that bear witness to a world that has generated ever more frequent moments of isolation, self-doubt, and despair. Gray was willing to deal with such moments. But in a spirit that is almost uniquely American, he never allowed us to wallow in the misery that often accompanies those times of doubt, desperation, and panic. Optimism pervaded his performances, even as he recounted dark times when a positive attitude seemed more like foolhardiness. But then, isn’t that what America is all about? Gray’s perspective on life in our world always took on an absurdly funny luster that penetrated his audience and offered us all a sense that, whatever our particular woes, we’re all in it together. And that is a good thing. Of course, Gray was doing far more than just talking. He worked hard at his craft, elevating his talent as a storyteller to an art form rarely (if at all) recuperable by the most ambitious of imitators. One felt that there was something intense and very significant going on when we were in Spalding’s presence, despite his disarming affability.”

Important Update from Mike Daisey:

"we're making a movie. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING is becoming a feature film.

It's being directed by Steve Anderson, who did a film a few years ago about the word fuck, conducted the last interviews with Hunter S. Thompson, is a trained Hollywood stunt driver, has lounged in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion, and posesses a great eye and understanding of the piece—between all these skill sets he will be outstanding at translating this monologue to film."

This will now be complete. Please watch for the DVD. I'm sure Mike will tell us when it's released. Remember to buy through affiliates

PS: Mike is playing Vancouver, Canada! see for details.

at the Push Festival
February 4th at 9pm

don't think I may have posted the first year winners yet.
Listed below please find
the 2nd year winners of the Spalding Gray Competition/Scholarship
here at Ross School.
The Middle School Winners were:
First Prize: Hayden Aldredge
> > Second Prize: Kate Fitzsimons
> > Third Prize: Ben Okin
The High School Winners were:
> First Prize - Adrian Trunzo
> > Second Prize - Raphael Odell Shapiro
> > Third Prize - Joseph Saunders

Please see the fund raising page... and use the affiliates as money goes to Spalding Gray Schoralship

From James Braly:
Dear Friends & Friendly People:
In the spirit of the times --
“When Washington offered me a hand-out, I said, 'Thanks, but no thanks.'”
-- there will be two liars on stage tonight at Comix
in New York City as part of a special Liar show.
One liar may be me. Or maybe not.
In any case, I invite you to come see eight amusing stories,
and practice your ability to discern who is telling the truth.
It will come in handy this fall.
Details below. Thanks for reading...
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 @ 8:00 PM (doors 7:00)
Big Fat Liar Edition:
Eight short and sweet stories. Two of them are lies. Expose either liar to win. COMIX
353 West 14th Street (just east of 9th Avenue)
Advance tickets: $15 with promotional code: LIARVIP
Day of show: $20 (plus 2-drink min)
Advance tickets HIGHLY recommended. Are you made of money?
JAMES BRALY "Gaspingly funny." Variety
OPHIRA EISENBERG "Marvellous. She is a class act." The Scotsman
PETER AGUERO "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
MARTIN DOCKERY "Fantastic." NY Times
JULIET WAYNE The Moth GrandSlam Finalist
JIM O'GRADY Journalist; NY Times
ED GAVAGAN The Moth GrandSlam Champion
PETER LUBELL Producer/editor IFC, NPR
and host ANDY CHRISTIE "Who?"


Thanks to permisson from Kathleen Russo (Estate of Spalding Gray)
and in cooperation with and John Robinson,
I am extremely pleased that we will be posting the complete text of
In Search of the Monkey Girl
, photos by Randal Levenson,
The book is quite rare ($50 minimum)
and if you purchase it, please use our affiliates.

First installment at
(all copyrights are maintained by Estate of Spalding Gray and Randal Levenson)

Shawn Watson brings back Swimming to Cambodia

Swimming to Cambodia
LONG’S HILL THEATRE, Victoria, BC, Canada
by Spalding Gray / Performed by Shawn Watson
Victoria, BC
Monologue • 85 mins • $9

Written over 20 years ago by the late maverick monologist
Spalding Gray, Swimming uses Gray’s small role in the film
The Killing Fields
to discuss global instability, social injustice, genocide, the cold war, politics, sex, drugs, relationships, travel,
and the quest for perfect moments.
This excellent new production, directed by Graham McDonald, is fresh, funny, original, intelligent, and aware.
TIMES: Fri Aug.22,2008 7:00
Sun 24,2008 9:00
Mon 25,2008 7:00
Thu 28,2008,8:45
Sat 30,2008, 6:15
Sun 31,2008 6:00

Facebook Bans James Braly Ad!!!

During National Breast Feeding Week,
James Braly's producer Anna Becker, brought out the following ad for Life in a Marital Institution,
which was then BANNED by Facebook, casting shame on Facebook and giving James free publicity.
The following picture, used with Mr. Braly's permission, is entiled "GOT BREASTMILK?" the image

Interview with James:

Please fill out a survey we are doing solely for our information,
involves how we can improve the use of affiliates
and hence raise more money for the Spalding Gray Scholarship Memorial Fund.
Click Here to take survey

Performance rights for most of Spalding's well known monologues are now available:
Please have people contact Dramatic Publishing at 815-338-7170.
They can also apply for rights at our website,

Other Monologists Updates:
1) by
request (and he deserves it as reviews have been Excellent):

We would like to
invite fans of Spalding Gray to see James Braly appear as a monologuist
in Life in a Marital Institution: 20 years of monogamy in one terrifying hour
at the Soho Playhouse in New York City.

The show is beginning
previews June 26th and runs until August 31,2008

For a discounted $25-$40 ticket (regularly $55),
and use code SEB

Venue name and address: SoHo Playhouse
15 Vandam Street, NYC (212) 691-1555
(off 6th Ave., 1 block north of Spring)
1 block north of Spring Street stop (C & E train),
3 blocks south of Houston Street stop (#1 train)

Also see
2) Also, Mike Daisey's national tour of the very important
a monologue about the secret history of the Department of Homeland Security.

Lensic Performing Arts Center
June 26th to 28th,2008

Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
July 11th to 20th,2008

Time-Based Art Festival
September 11th to 14th,2008

Colby College
October 3rd,2008

Museum of Contemporary Art
October 10th to 12th,2008

The Public Theater
October 15th to November 30th,2008

Further details at

Spalding's Monologues to be released soon after
premiere of Soderbergh Documentary on Spalding opens
at Toronto Film Festival, September 2008.

(Release has since been delayed - date now unknown)

Kathleen Russo - new Producer for NPR,
Southhampton, NY - WLIU 88.3 FM/WPBX-FM - give a listen,
she produces the morning show (DO IT! - good musical
contrast to Forrest!!! LOL...)

Kathleen Russo -
guest of honor along with Al Styron at NY Hospital on Jan. 30,2008 at 5:30pm
to discuss living with depression.
(no further details available)

Forrest Gray - The TOO BUSY BEING BORED Band
- mentored and produced by Blue Men Group
- playing sold out shows, among there fans...the Strokes
and Jim Carroll
- music and video at above link - check it out!!!

EVENT - November 15th - 17th
Interviewing The Audience (unfortunately done without permission of the Estate. There are ways to get performance rights and the Estate is very understanding. However, prior permission MUST be obtained!)

Photos: Stories Left To Tell, The Final Bow

Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell to Close June 26
by Andrew Gans

The Second Spalding Gray Award Goes to The National Theater of the United States of America

Now on DVD: Heavy Petting - A Film by Obie Benz
View Spalding Gray Clip

Photo Flash: Steven Soderbergh at Spalding Gray Screening
by Mark Rupp

"It's Just Good Storytelling"
Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh discusses Gray's Anatomy
by Chris Willard

Soderbergh on Gray's Anatomy

Charles Busch Joins Stories Left to Tell Cast, May 23-June 3

Photo Coverage: Whoopi Goldberg in Stories Left to Tell

Goldberg Set for Stories Left to Tell Birthday Performance

Anthony Rapp to Join Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell

Ain Gordon: Two Time Winner of Obie Award

Benefit Reading of Stories Left to Tell
June 13 & 14, 2007
The Yard, Chilmark, MA (on Martha's Vineyard)

Presented by The Yard (Artistic Director Wendy Taucher) and Monina von Opel, with permission of Kathie Russo

Directed by Reno


Friday, June 13: Brooke Adams, Amy Brenneman, Robert Brustein, Reno, Tony Shalhoub
Saturday, June 14: Brooke Adams, Paul Benedict, Donavon Dietz, Reno, K.C. Wilson

THE LAST DAYS OF DESMOND NANI REESE: A Stripper’s History of the World
Written and performed by Heather Woodbury
Winner of the first Spalding Gray Award

Kron Steps in for Chalfant in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell
By Andrew Gans

One of a kind Spalding Gray item for sale at eBay: T- shirt signed at Stories Left To Tell wrap party, Los Angeles June 2006

Daisey Show Aftermath

Monologuist Mike Daisey's Work Attacked

No, on second thought, not a group of Paris Hilton aficionados,
nor New York tourism activists,
but a Christian force whose mission was to attack ideas and words and notepaper.

It's getting so an artist can't sit behind a table
--- with ideas, a microphone, paper, pen and a glass of water.
Oh no! He said the fuck word!
If the group in question wants a listening/protesting experience,
perhaps they should direct their attention to Bush administration communiques.
Now THAT's obscene.

Stories Left To Tell Extends Off-Broadway Run; Dratch Will Guest Star
by Andrew Gans

Josh Lucas Will Guest Star in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell Beginning March 20

Stories Left To Tell: The Kathie Russo Interview at Austin 360
by Brad Buchholz

Shades of Gray
Sarah Maxfield interviews Kathie Russo at Culturebot

Stories Left To Tell
February 20 - May 13 2007 at the Minetta Lane Theater

The Minetta Lane CAST UPDATES

Stories Left To Tell

August 2006
Musical artist Bob Egan presents Spalding's Lament.
The Spalding Gray website is updated with a new
emphasis upon fundraising.

Artistic Web Design writes . . .

UCLALIVE concludes it's 2005-2006 Spoken Word series with
Leftover Stories to Tell
A Tribute to Spalding Gray
The Unpublished Works
Wed-Sat, Jun 14 -17 at 8pm
Sun, Jun 18 at 7pm
Tickets: $45 ($15 UCLA students)

Cast to date includes:
Brooke Adams
Margaret Cho
Frances Conroy
Teri Garr
Gina Gershon
Ain Gordon
Bob Holman
Miranda July
Alice Sebold
Tony Shaloub
Roger Guenveur Smith
Loudon Wainwright III
Kerry Washington
Paul Zaloom

May 31 - June 4 - 2006
Leftover Stories to Tell
Directed by Kathy Russo and Lucy Sexton at Performance Space 122
Tickets are $50 and may be purchased by calling Theatermania at 212-352-3101
or online at For information call P.S.122 at 212-477-5288
or visit

2007 EVENT
March 30 and 31
The Edison Theater at Washington University
Leftover Stories to Tell: A Tribute to Spalding Gray

. . . And The First Spalding Gray Award Goes TO . . . Heather Woodbury

Spalding Commemorated in Tompkins Square Park

Thanks to Alex Sylvia and the East Austin Studio Tour presents:

russ c. smith • beauty-devotion-power • photographic exhibit
the seventh exhibition of the tour

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of November 2005
Cesar A. Sylva Studio
1402 E. Second
Austin TX
Also featuring the passionate paintings of Alex Sylvia.

Magnolia Pictures announces it's Magnolia Home Entertainment
division; titles to be released include Steven Soderbergh's
Spalding Gray, The Last Monologue

Life Interrupted: Exit Talking

Playbill News: Life Interrupted is published by Crown


Dear Friends:

For the second year in a row, the Hampton Film Festival
will dedicate a category in Spalding's name called "Gray
Matter." The festival runs October 19-23. The category entries
are seen by the committee as those films dedicated to innovative,
risk-taking cinema.

"In life, new visions surround us constantly, it is always just a matter
of perspective. These are a few that took us to a place we hadn't
expected to go, challenged our notions of truth and opened new
avenues of thought . . " Rajendra Roy, Program Director of the festival,
commenting on the films chosen for Gray Matter.

In addition to Gray Matter, we will have a reading of Spalding's recently
published book, "Life Interrupted" at Book Hampton in East Hampton
on Saturday at 5pm with Roy Scheider, Bob Balaban, Steven Gaines
and Joe Pintauro reading. The event is free and we're serving Spalding's
favorite beer and peanuts in the shell (favorite snack). I hope you can attend.

Just another Spalding update, more to come . . .


Saturday 10/22 at 5pm
Tribute to Spalding Gray: Book Reading Event

Join us for a series of readings from “Life Interrupted: The Unfinished Monologue”
written by the late Spalding Gray. Roy Scheider, Joe Pintauro, Steven Gaines
and Bob Balaban will read excerpts from his last book. Gray, a Sag Harbor resident,
was a regular participant at the festival and this reading will pay tribute (along with
the Gray Matter films at the Hamptons International Film Festival) to a community
member tremendously missed.

The reading will be followed by a reception and discussion with the readers led by
Gray's widow, Kathleen Russo. Russo will also be producing a new film by
Steven Soderbergh exploring this never-performed monologue by Spalding Gray.

MAY 2006
The New Group (Naked) presents A Spalding Gray Matter ,
exploring the titular star's tumultuous life. It is performed
by its author Michael Brandt and directed by Ian Morgan

New Soderbergh project explores a never-performed
monologue by Spalding Gray; produced by Amy Hobby
and Kathie Russo, along with Joshua Blum.

OCTOBER 13TH, 2005.
Dear Friends and Family:

As promised, I'm trying to keep Spalding's memory alive and am pleased
to inform you that the last book he was working on "Life Interrupted"
will be published by Crown this October. A reading will take place at
Barnes and Noble on Thursday, October 13 at 7pm. Readers will include
Frank McCourt, Francine Prose, Am Homes and Paul Muldoon. The event is
free and open to the public.

Also, this Sunday's NY Times will print Spalding's love letter to New
York City in a special section dedicated to the anniversary of 9/11.

Again, thanks to all of you for the warmth and concern you continue to
show our family and I hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


Josh Lefkowitz and Abby Browde
Theatre Building Chicago and Breadline Center,
Tickets: $20 ($12 students)
Call: (773) 327-5252 (Theatre Building); (312) 498-3369 (Breadline)

Monologuist Martin Moran in The Tricky Part
August 23rd through September 4th

UCB Theater presents monologuist Brian Finklestein
September 1st, 8th & 15th
8 PM

Posted July 5th, 2005 by jb

Director David Fried Oppenheim has just informed me that his
small theater company in western Massachusetts, PACE, has
very graciously been granted the first ever performance rights
(after Spalding himself) for several performances of Swimming to
Cambodia. The monologue will be performed by Jason
Rose-Langston, who, aside from being an accomplished actor also
received a Masters in Social Work from Smith College.
Performances are Friday, July 29th to Sunday, July 31st, all at 8 pm.

Tickets can be ordered at the following web page:
or phone 413-527-5999 or 877-835-4897.
Thank you, David, for the info.

EVENT 2006
UCLALIVE concludes it's 2005-2006 Spoken Word series
Leftover Stories to Tell
A Tribute to Spalding Gray
The Unpublished Works
Wed-Sat, Jun 14-17 at 8pm
Sun, Jun 18 at 7pm
Tickets: $45 ($15 UCLA students)

Posted May 18, 2005

Sources say that negotiations are taking place
for the release of a box set of Spalding's monologues not previously released on DVD.
You heard it here first! Visit,
your source for the most comprehensive, up-to-date information
on Spalding and his works
--- and on the people and artists who remain inspired by him.


EVENT - May 7, 2005
Nuci's Space/Athens, GA
Mark Mobley reads from Monster in a Box.

May 27 through June 11, 2005 at the Flamboyan Theater
A Spalding Gray Matter is written and performed by Michael Brandt.

EVENT - May 4, 2005
Spalding's friends and colleagues read from his work:
Bogosian, Holman, Reno, Valk to Read Work of Spalding Gray at Barnes & Noble

Life Interrupted : The Unfinished Monologue (Hardcover)

13/04/05 - One year anniversary of Memorial Service in NYC

One year ago,
I was fortunate enough to be invited to this memorial service.
We had planned on posting what people said but one person balked.
I still have an idea cooking for this.

My whole story and more is on
this site at NYC Diary. The New Yorker liked it but couldn't fit it in it's niche.
If you haven't read it, please do.

Since it's all really there, I thought I'd mark the anniversary by announcing that with the help of Barlow's blog,
I'm building up a large mailing list for updates.
It will take time to finish as my shattered ankle still remains 'no weight bearing'
and the arthritic pain is intense.
I did however manage to update the list
of spud films with much greater detail on availability.

Having said all that,
one year later I still feel the same loss.
David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris, Dave Gorman and Nilaja Sun have helped
but the emptiness remains.
I am blessed by being able to work on this site. Thank you Kathie.
jb (the rev)

Saving Grace by Todd Rundgren (copyright remains with todd and will be removed if you let me know todd...)

I think I’m gonna love it
I think I’m gonna love it
Because I know someday someone else will see it my way
And then I’ll know I was not wrong
I know they won’t believe it
I know they won’t believe it
They think that I’m no good
But I will make myself understood
’cause I believe it all along

I think I’m gonna love it
I know they won’t believe it
When they finally see the saving grace in me

I know the time is gonna come
When I will mean something to someone
Until that day I’m hanging on

Playbill News: Steven Soderbergh to Direct Documentary About Spalding Gray

Actor/writer Nilaja Sun wonderfully characterizes Spalding Gray in Blues for a Gray Sun.

On this solemn day, I leave you this link:
It's a virtual gravesite on the Internet.
Many are "buried" here.
Many more have left "offerings" of comfort.
For with every breeze of air that passes by,
I can hear you, Spalding . . . Godspeed to all of you. --- Stevie.

ANNIVERSARY – Special Update – changes, contest winners and more!

to all spuddies and other members of the human race:
i'm rev...ed up today:
1) from the kansas city star:
One year ago: North Korea
said it had shown its "nuclear deterrent" to an unofficial U.S. delegation
that visited the disputed Yongbyon nuclear complex.
Michelle Kwan won her seventh straight title and eighth overall
at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Atlanta;
Johnny Weir skated to his first men's title.
Actor-writer Spalding Gray, 62,
vanished from his New York apartment
(his body was found two months later in the East River).
Novelist Alexandra Ripley died in Richmond, Va., at age 70.
2) it has been quite a year for me. Highlights are:
- going to NYC for the Memorial
- having the help of AF in web design
- shattering my ankle and requiring 10 months bed rest with ankle above hip.
3) I miss you spud, I really do
4) I'm not scared of dying
I don't really care
if it's peace you find in dying
well let the time be near...
just bundle up the coffin
cause it's cold way down there...
crazy cold down there
and when i die
and when I'm gone
there'll be one child
born in a world to carry on
to carry on...
(an excerpt from When I Die by Laura Nyro written when she was about 15.
Laura died of ovarian cancer at the age of 49)
5) the contest is over and winner's are:
a) AJ wins a copy of In Search of the Monkey Girl (promised to her months ago)
b) there are 3 other prizes:
King of the Hill with Spalding in an amazing role, amazing movie (only available on VHS)
True Stories on DVD
the Playboy with one obscure pic of Spud, circa 1968 (?)
- one winner is Stevie,
another is Russ Smith (
and Susan DeSocio, who due to illness
could not attend Memorial service.
- Since Russ and Susan are both MIA,
Stevie gets first choice!
6) this the end of the yahoo group.
I am going to a mailing list on web page.
Members here have a default join unless you write me.
Joining is by email to me.
Contributions are welcome.
Access at the moment is by myself or AF only…
tell your friends! Next contest may be an all expense trip to NYC
(accommodations not included).

(Transportation for 1 via bus from Montreal one way only)
(not valid in Quebec and Nevada)

there once was a fellow named Spalding
who seemed to have found his calling
some days he was gray
one day he drifted away
now we know he can still hear us calling

(rev jb – c. 2005)