The Estate no longer suggests Donations to the Scholarship fund as Forrest no longer attends that school.
Donations and all proceeds from this site now go to:
PS 122 for the Spalding Gray Commission Award.

IMPORTANT UPDATE April 2004 - As a result of attending the Memorial for Spalding in NYC on April 13th, 2004, I have added information on the Memorial Scholarship Fund that has been created. I am copying the text from the back cover of the program from Remembering Spalding which has the details for contributing to the Scholarship fund. Please also remember to read my donation section which follows the scholarship info:

In honor of Spalding Gray, a Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established at the Ross School in East Hampton, New York. This scholarship will support middle school and high school students with a talent in writing who are in financial need. NOTE as above that donations no longer go to the Ross School. For a list of the Scholarship recepients, please see the SG Awards page on this site.

Musical artist Bob Egan presents
Spalding's Lament available on Spotify and Amazon music
on his solo album The Glorious Decline

UPDATE 09/2009 - Web hosting costs are now covered by kind contribution from the Estate (site is still volunteer run) - web hosting has been switched to as they seem as good as any other unlimited traffic website, and they have a special one, with option to go Green (wind powered). I have an affiliate with them so if you want to switch, let me know so the site can get credit.

i don't like this part too much but this site has been put together by myself with the knowledge of Spalding and approval of Spalding and Kathie)... as I was working on the site when my spouse said..."It's on CNN!". Was the site up already... I think so. Shock is a denial sort of thing, isn't it?

1) domain registration and hosting: was taken awhile back by an 'internet prospector' who has kept it as a blatant commercial site for a period of time but of course that 'eventually' a site for spalding was to be put up... and of course, it just happens to be for sale for a price - well the price we are offering is his real costs for the year - about twenty bucks - so i assume he will say no because he doesn't realize that with recent court decisions, the days of internet prospectors are over... and then i'll take him to the International Internet Fraud folks and others and eventualy get the domain back to it's intellectual owner - that being Spalding!

UPDATE FEB. 10,2004 - our campaign is about to move into high gear to retrieve the intellectual property of Spalding Gray's - after negotiations broke down - I am adding a hyperlink called 'boycott' - stay tuned - we will win Spud no matter where you are... UPDATE FEB. 26 - a benefactor has helped us purchase the domain - it is not up yet but it will be the site - Spalding recovers his property!!!

UPDATE 09/2009 - web hosting has been switched to as they seem as good as any other unlimited traffic website, and they have a special one, with option to go Green (wind powered). I have an affiliate with them so if you want to switch, let me know so the site can get credit.

UPDATE April 9, 2004 - LIVES

and is taken by the mexican punkish/electronic music group - hey and that's cool - good music (as of 2009, is now used to transfer to .com so that internet poachers do not steal it.)

so that is why i have used the domain i did...

i did it the cheapest way in the long run - has a special on domains and hosting together - i may have been able to save $2 a year by going separate, but for convenience, i went this way - also, I check out their on line support - A+++

COST: ($25 one year domain and hosting - one could get each separately ( + for $20) - I am switching totally to doteasy due to very good price and excellent support! And I've checked EVERY cheap one! Remember though for unlimited transfers, I now use

2) search engine placement:
This is important - I am currently looking at programs that do this. I have yet to determine the cost - a program like web position gold is far too expensive.
As of 2007, I no longer have access to a search engine placement program as we can't afford it. But, check it out, folks. We're #1 on google and most everywhere has gone from a weird coloured site without a name to a beautiful design courtesy of the fantastic artistic talents of AF!!!

Note that one of the best ways to get on engines like google are to increase your links from other sites. So I will gladly link exchange links with other sites.

COSTS(2007): $100/year - extra charge due to number of visitors...

now I ask that people use our fundraising/affiliates page to cover these costs. As soon as the costs are covered for the year, I will note that here and yes goes to the above mentioned (now PS122).
The paypal link remains as you can always help - if you want it to just go to PS122, just let me know.

jb (John Boland), aka spuddysan except while in NYC, then it's ratz garcia, at your service...

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