In alphabetical order by last name - additions are welcome (about 130 and counting) - Note that I can no longer keep up with this page as there are now a great number of monologists - also I can't fix all the broken or out of date links so please tell me of broken links. Any updates or monologuists wanting to be listed, please write me by using the Contact page.
Wikipedia page for Monologuist (also spelled (or spelt) as monologist) - both are correct and I have no idea what the difference is as in 'spelt' is considered possible old English whereas 'spelled' is more American. So then is 'Monologist' an American spelling for the old English 'Monoluogist' ? Answers are most welcome...
Alemian Sandy
Adelman Brenda

Allen Jenny

Allison Kevin
Interview - Excellent
Amaris Lián - Swimming to Spalding, directed by Richard Schechner - How exciting is that!!!
I need someone to review this for the site please. Use the Contact link.

Anderson Lemon- not strictly a monologist. However has done:

Arsenault Nina (Great site!), also Interview - Nina is a very good friend of
The Silicone Diaries returns to Toronto after sold out performances
A definite must see
Nov. 25 to Dec. 11, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto
and Excellent interview in Montreal

11/2011 - Growing Up to Play Barbie (pre-publicity for Like a Barbie from What’s Up Yukon)

Awl, Dave
Bailey Jeremy - I think this is the Mr. Bailey who performed at UNO Festival 2011 in Victoria, BC
Baker Lance
Bamuthi Joseph, Marc

Bankston James: 2 monologues,  

5x5at20x2 JamesBankston ,

Claus Confidential JamesBankston

Bannowsky Philip

Autoworker,  Author, Monologist, Poet, Photographer, International Educator,

and Human Rights Activist

Bateman David and story Art Class of Hard Knocks
Beaty Daniel
Berman Brooke - may now be mostly an author
Bernstein Stacey (a friend of this site) - Ms. Bernstein does not have a website/blog at the moment so use this site's 'search site' to find her under Updates. As of 10/2011, her current show is Everything I Never Knew I Wanted which was at the Santa Fe Solo Performance Festival, 2011.
As of July 2012, her show Everything I Never Knew I Wanted will plat at the Toronto Fringe. Here are the details:
July 4 to 15, 2012
Tarragon Extra Space Theatre
30 Bridgman Ave., Toronto, ON
Wed July 4, 2012 6:30 PM
Fri July 6, 2012 3:30 PM
Sun July 8, 2012 8:15 PM
Mon July 9, 2012 6:45 PM
Wed July 11, 2012 Noon
Fri July 13, 2012 5:15 PM
Sat July 14, 2012 10:30 PM
She can be reached by email here

Bethel Charlie (friend of the site - as in he offered to buy me a beer in NYC - I suggested Sierra Nevada...)

Billy Reverend - not strictly a monlogist however his anti-consumerism message is important
Birbiglia Mike
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2011)
Sleepwalk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories [Hardcover] (please use this sites Affiliates to order)

Blackman Rachel

Bogosian Eric - a master and a supporter of this site

Bourque Jill - though not strictly a monologist, her How We First Met is similar to Spalding's Interviewing the Audience (she didn't
know this until told...). Reviews indicate she is excellent...
Bowers Bill - a Mime with monologue It Goes Without Saying, a collection of stories from events that have happened throughout his life and career.

Brader Bob - supporter of this website

Also:Spitting in the Face of the Devil

Braly James (Excellent Monologist):
"We would like to invite fans of Spalding Gray to see James Braly appear as a monologuist in Life in a Marital Institution: 20 years of monogamy in one terrifying hour", or any other of Bob's shows.
Best to go to his site to see latest schedule and possible discount codes

Bramwell, David (Dr)

Brandt Michael Performs 
A Spalding Gray Matter

Braxton Aaron
Brayton Morgan
Brody,Dylan (Management: Peter Hankwitz, PHP&M, (310) 721-2690)
Brown Carlyle - Therapy and Resistance
Brown Sandra amazing book and one woman play
Cale David (site)- PALOMINO (review)
Camp Bill

Campbell Ken (deceased) (official site).

Carter Justin - no web presence known - please let me know

Casey Laurel writes:

"I am a performance artist ( - and when I was living in Brooklyn, I called Spalding - It was so strange, I think his number was in the phone book, and I left a message, and he called back, and we talked about my work and how I could do it without getting fired. I was doing satirical monologues then, - I told him I sang and he said, well, go into a gig as a singer, and then slip in some of your material. I made almost a 100 dollars a night doing that, and it was great, but I still got fired. I am also a writer ( and people compare me to Spalding, but no one is Spalding except Spalding!"

I LOVE HER SITE!!! Check her out!

Cho Margaret

Cleveland Rick - multi talented, friend of Spalding , writer Six Feet Under, and
My Buddy Bill

Copeland Brian

Cox Veanne performs Ain Gordon's A Disaster Begins

Craddock Chris

Daisey Mike Show Aftermath

Daisey Mike Monologuist, his Work Attacked
No, on second thought, not a group of Paris Hilton aficionados, nor New York tourism activists, but a Christian force whose mission was to attack ideas and words and notepaper. It's getting so an artist can't sit behind a table with ideas, a microphone, paper, pen and a glass of water. Oh no! He said the eff word!  If the group in question wants a listening/protesting experience, perhaps they should direct their attention to Bush administration communiques. Now THAT's obscene.  - by A.F.
- for Mike's schedule etc., best to visit his web site

Daniels David
The Black Hippie Chronicles

Dawe TJ

deJong Shannon (Link to her personal website)
- Link to her show site - Fascinating interactive site!

Demark Jeff
Work includes
Making Every Mistake Twice

Dorval Mike
Dowie Claire
Drake David - The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me (also on DVD)
Eisenberg Ophira

Ellis Tim - does anyone know more about Mr. Ellis?
Google gives me little and it's vague...

Evans Michael

Fales Steven
Fallis Paden
Feldstein Jack

Finkelstein Brian (a supporter of

Finley Karen

Fitzmorris Jim

Fleck,John (suggested by Greg)
Fleener Denise - a friend of this site
- March 2012, Denise writes:
" autogiographical one-woman show, Diary of a M.A.D. Caregiver in the Seattle area. It is what I learned from watching Spalding's performances that guides every one of my performance decisions."

Fortson John

Fosberg Michael

Fotis Mike

Francis Matthew - updated info needed please

Frank Joe
Review - Just an Ordinary Man (2010)
Franken Will

Fugelsang John

Stirling Gardner is a country boy at heart. He lives in Los Angeles now where he writes, produces, performs and mocks most things "Hollywood". He has been praised by David Sedaris for his stories. His writing has been featured in the 2010 book Dirty Laundry (Phoenix Publishers), as well as on the websites: Fresh Yarn, National Lampoon, Salon, Huffington Post and Gawker. You can register on his personal website ( to view any of his stories on video as well as be offended by his exclusive web series, videos and general idiocy. He is one half of Sunday/Knight Solutions ( along with his writing partner.
Gatewood Kimmy - 2011/2012 - 3000 Miles to Figure It Out
- new solo show playing at the UCB Theatre in LA. Currently being adapted it into screenplay.
Gibbs Chris - Toronto based Monologist/Stand Up
Gleason James (not the Turner type black and white Actor - think Here Comes Mr. Jordan - 1941)
Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy
Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: A Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness

Gorman Dave - Monologuist, author : Googlewhacker!

Grady John
Gray - great, interactive website - yes that's her name - she seems to withhold her real name and Gray appears to be her stage name - no relation to Spalding
you tube video

Green Damien W.
writes on wordpress:
I'm just writing to say that Spalding Gray does live; prior to his death I knew of or had heard of Spalding Gray but knew nothing of his work. Yet, when I first heard the story about him missing I followed the story as if it were someone I knew. I lamented, I debated, I told people about it and in response recieved many blank stares and one invitation to visit a local psychiatrist. She was cute so I went. She told me that I perhaps some kind of indentity relationship with this Spalding guy. When I ask her if her and I could have any kind of identity relationship she abruptly cancelled the session.
Since Spalding's death I've read one of his books, listened to two of his monologues. When I first saw "Swimming in Cambodia" I knew why I had felt such an affinity with this guy I'd only heard of.

My own monolgue is Out of my Idiot - a monologue on life, death and the fear of clowns

Thanks Spalding...

Gross Charles

Guarrasi Annette - her website has excerpts from her pieces OR
on youtube for 10 to 15 minutes pieces: The Intruder, M. Perfection and The Lord of the Ring
2011 - "latest show, Tales from the Crib, which will enjoy a first reading in February,2012 at
Stage Left Studios, NYC"
Hadad Astrid (I don't speak Spanish but came across her - can someone help with details please)
Heikes Deb
Helm Zach - Interviewing the Audience
Hoch Danny

Hollis Ben (a supporter of this site)

What's It Like To Be  You? by Hollis Ben
The New Wild: Talking With Ben Hollis - Interview 01/11

Another great Review/Interview from Chicago

"its inspiration is largely Spalding's Interviewing the Audience...Spalding once remarked how odd it was that my last name, Hollis, was the  first name of one of his closest childhood buddies.  It seemed to make an  impression on him." Ben

Houghtailing Ann Marie
Hoyle Dan
Hunken Monica
Excellent Review of Blondie of Arabia
Izzard Eddie - though not always a monologist and more a stand up, he is very popular, especially in Britain

Jones Sarah

Joyce Kevin

Kendall Trent

Kitson Daniel
--- Review NYTimes, 01/11 (excellent)

Kling Kevin
Guest Performer for Spalding Gray, Stories Left to Tell; St. Cloud, MN - Friday, Febrary 4, 2011, 8 p.m

Kornbluth Josh
Works include Love and Taxes
Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews? (2011)
Krassner,Paul (suggested by Greg)
Kraus, Karl (deceased)

Kron Lisa (website)
- and 2010 Review/Interview

Kurkendaal Les
Christmas in Bakersfield
Lachman Donna Blue
La Ganga Annie
Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints by
- a monologist in a sense - has a reading from her book Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints
at CityLights Books in San Francisco on 2/17/10 - book receives excellent reviews
Lane Beck - blog

Lapides, Beth (thanks to Greg for tip) - monologuist and theater artist who brought artistic sensibilities to standup comedy

Leavins Chris - wildly popular internet star - I mean HUGE

Lefkowitz Josh - His myspace page (a supporter of the site)

Lefkowitz Josh
A Personal Search for Meaningful
Employment at the Start of the 21st Century 

Lefkowitz Josh and Abby Browde
The  Single File Solo Festival

Leguizamo John
Leguizamo John wikipedia
New monologue 2010 Klass Klown
Letson Al
and another article from Asbury Park Press
and a good Review, March 2012, from Asbury Park Press

Leyman John A Brief History of My Tattoo

Lord Elizabeth

Luce William

Magnuson Anne

MacIvor Daniel
Mandingo iyaba ibo
Marcott Les
- his Santa Clause monologues can be read here
- writes a monthly column for - an international online magazine dedicated to the arts and media.
- book of monologues,Character Flaws, will be produced as a stage show - see
- blog is at
- his songs can also be found on a couple of music sites.
Martin Andrea (of SCTV fame)
Martin Jimmy
Mayhem Poets - no strictly monologists, however they are very interesting and highly regarded
McBride Celia

McDowell Malcolm - available only in UK Region 2 DVD through Verve Pictures

McPheeters Sam

Mobley Mark Performs
Monster in a Box
2011 Update :
From Mark Mobley, Monologist and old friend of this site:
I'm reviving my one-man show Friend of the Groom for three performances on the Fringe Wilmington Festival. Performances are Thursday 9/22,11 at 8 p.m., Friday 9/23,11 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 9/24,11 at 4 PM.
I also have a performance Oct. 10,2011 at Balliceaux in Richmond VA.

Moran Martin
also review :
also excellent interview :
Moran Martin in 
The Tricky Part
Highly Recommended

Morton Bruce - big in Britain, " Blood below the window " has been highly recommended
His news satire site is

Murrin Tom
Myers Lucas

Nap dug (friend of the site)

Please visit his site,

or watch his video(s) on youtube:

Nelson David Lee - stand up who does some solo shows

Nobis Felix - a supporter of this site

Obarzanek Gideon
O'Brien Eleanor Cathleen
Outlaw Paul - a supporter of this site and his website is very well done
Parizhsky Ilya
Peters Missie
Pettrow, Daniel - perhaps not strickly a monologist but is a member of Wooster
and reportedly a perfect imitator of Spalding

Phillips Nuci

Phillips Thaddeus

Quintano Alicia
Randolf Ann
Reed Don
Rev Billy (sort of a monologist)

Robinson Tony

Rodwin David, also Spalding And Me (excellent blog series) blog

Rollins Henry

Rubinstein Tanya Taylor
Ruppert Michael - Collapse - a more or less monologue film about an apocalyptic future
Salloway Amy (friend of this site)
Actor/writer : "Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?", "So Kiss Me Already, Herschel Gertz!",
"Heebs and Dweebs" and "Circumference"

Sanders Charlie

Scanlan Dick

Schmidt Ed - My Last Play - get you tickets FAST as of Dec. 2010, sold out til April,2011
- 12 tickets per night til his books are gone - he gives a theater book from his personal collection
to each audience member
nycom Review of My Last Play
Reviews of The Last Supper
Schnauber Cornelius
The Beverly Hills Psychiatrist - The Lounge Theatre 2 (Los Angeles, CA)
various dates between January 24,2011 / 8:00pm (Preview) and March 6,2011 / 3:00pm
Dates and Tickets(tickets are 0-$10) HERE (may need to join Goldstar)

Shawn Wallace

Short Martin (of SCTV fame)
Smith Barry
Smith Roger Guenveur
Smith Tracey Erin
South Frank

Stallings Johnny
performs his work

Struthers Andrew - though not strictly a monologist per se, his work is amazing.
His first youtube video (Spiders on Drugs - a MUST SEE!) has 21 million hits. Also, check out the film he is making using 64 youtube videos...

Sun Nilaja(Obie winner 2008) - Nilaja has no website 
that I know of - google her name for her latest performances
Blues for a Gray Sun
For Pictures:
- Interview June 2011

Sweeney Julia (highly recommended by Spalding fans)

Jeffrey Sweet
Sykes Paul (deceased)
Thompson,Scott (suggested by Greg)
Urban Ink - Canadian Storytellers

Valiant Johnny
Wrestler, Actor and Monologuist

Vallas Basile

Vance Danitra - deceased

Veres,Ella - journalist, writer , photographer
and performer   is a 
multi-talented artist who lives
and works in NYC.

Vincent Doug

Walloch Greg

Waters John Christmas - presented only at Xmas - review includes funny exerpts
Wathen Juliana - Diary of a MAD * FAT * WOMAN…..

Watson Shawn - no website yet. Shawn has performed Swimming to Cambodia
a few times in Victoria, BC. where it won Winner Critics Choice Spotlight Award for Best Fringe Production ( EXCELLENT performances. Shawn is interested in touring the show. To contact Shawn, you can email me (jb), the webmaster of this site - click Contact to reach me. 

Review from Nova Scotia performance

Upcoming at Vancouver Fringe 2010

Watts Reggie (although not strictly a monologist, this guy is AMAZING). Check him out on utube as well)

Updated 04/2010 - Why S*** So Crazy? ( NEW CD + DVD), and Reggie on North American Tour
Weedman Lauren (suggested by Greg)

Weigel Jennifer

Whitney Mark
another Review
Williams Laurie - The Thaw (facebook page)
Wong Kristina - supporter of this site
Wong Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Trailer/Order (03/11)
some of Kristina's shows include a free beer and snacks!!!
Woodard Charlayne

Woodbury Heather
THE LAST DAYS OF DESMOND NANI REESE: A Stripper’s History of the World

Winner of the first Spalding Gray Award

New exciting show (2011):
Fomenting ARTS and Bootleg Theater present:
"As The Globe Warms
The low-carbon deep drama serial! HBO without the TV!
Online at
The final season of Heather Woodbury’s weekly dramatic serial As the Globe Warms
continues Tuesdays in March and April, 2011 at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.
Woodbury, an OBIE Award-winning actor and NEA Playwriting Fellow
known for her sprawling theatrical sagas, writes and performs the final season from week to week,
as she goes, with no safety net."

Woods Brad

Wright Lawrence (a supporter of

Review of My Trip to Al-Queda, Review of Film version

Yang William
Yashinsky Dan