Spalding Gray Awards

The Spalding Gray Award provided to theatre artists to fund new works - presented in association with PS122 and UCLA

a) First Year: Heather Woodbury - a strong supporter of this site. Heather is great!!!

b) Second Year: The National Theater of the United States of America

c) Third Year: Radiohole, a Brooklyn Experimental Theatre Group (their website is a Must...)

d) Fouth Year: Rabih Mroué: See his Acceptance Speech and google him for more results.
Interview with Rabih Mroue in Seattle Times
More interview and article from (Seattle) "I Only Want to Provoke Myself"
Newspapers led on a merry chase in Middle Eastern mystery
- interview and article from Vancouver
Short video excerpt of Missing Employee from Japanese International Arts Festival

e) The winner of the 2011 Spalding Gray Award is Young Jean Lee and her theater group. Congratulations.
PS122 also announces: In addition to the local presentations, Performance Space 122 is pleased to announce that global programming continues in its second year with PS122 tours scheduled for London and Berlin in Spring 2012 and to Latin America, Asia and Australasia in the near future. Other touring presentations include continued participation with the Spalding Gray Award Commission which offers recipients a commission and tour with stops in New York (PS122), Minneapolis (The Walker), Pittsburgh (The Warhol Museum), Seattle (On the Boards). This award supports gifted writers/performers who fully realize all aspects of Spalding's legacy, who are fearless innovators of theatrical form, who reach into daily experience and create resonant, transcendent work that makes us all bigger, wider, wiser and, somehow, more than we were when we entered the theater.

f) The winner of the 2016 Spalding Gray Award is Tim Etchells
With the Spalding Gray Award, Etchells will collaborate with Forced Entertainment to create a new performance piece titled Real Magic which premieres in Germany this May, and will tour to venues in the US during 2016 and 2017.

g) Director and writer Annie Dorsen was the 2018 recipient of the Spalding Gray Award

There are two different Awards given out annually: (the Scholarship Fund is no longer supported by the Estate
because Forrest no longer attends the school. However, continue to download Bob Egan's song as it is wonderful. )
This site now supports PS 122 for the Spalding Gray (Commission) Award

The Spalding Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded to Students of the Arts who are in financial need. Established at the NYC Memorial Service 2004 in NYC. NOTE: as of 2010, all donations go to PS122 in NYC
Following song download ($1) goes 100% to the Scholarship Fund

Musical artist Bob Egan presents
Spalding's Lament
on his new solo album The Glorious Decline

Bob Egan Biography

The 1st year Winners of the Spalding Gray Scholarship:

High School:

1st Place:   Christopher Impiglia - Every drop is a memory   12th Grade

2nd Place:   Noah Salaway  -  I Went to See My Doctor  12th Grade

3rd Place:  Johannes Golden -   Once More Down Main Street  12th Grade

Middle School:

1st  Place:   Tessa VonWalderdorff  -  A Treasure   7th Grade

2nd Place:  Brandon Pettaway -   Staff Sergeant James L. Pettaway   8th Grade

3rd Place:   Madeline Kiss   6th Grade

The 2nd year Winners of the Spalding Gray Scholarship:

High School:

1st Place:   Adrian Trunzo

2nd Place:   Raphael Odell Shapiro

3rd Place:    Joseph Saunders

Middle School:

1st Place:    Hayden Aldredge

2nd Place:   Kate Fitzsimons

3rd Place:   Ben Okin