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A.F. Waddell's (cofounder of this site) Review of Terrors of Pleasure
From Tom Tangney's Blog - Spalding Gray's wife speaks out during release of documentary Includes audio from the excellent interview with Kathie
From Carolyn Raship's Blog - Review of Stories Left to Tell

For a large collection of reviews of And Everything is Going Fine
please see the 'Fine' page on the sidebar
Here is my personal brief review of And Everything is Going Fine with a transcript of the 'and everything is going fine' segment (.doc)

Stories Left to Tell
by Heather O'Keeffe Gardner (sadly lost - contact me Heather!!!)

Stories Left to Tell 
A New Life in Shades of Gray

Leftover Stories to Tell
by Heather Compher (sadly lost - contact me Heather!!!)

Swimming to LA: 
The "Leftover Stories to Tell" 
by John Boland

Life Interrupted
by Ben Bush

Life Interrupted
by John Boland

Stars and Bars
by John Boland

Swimming to Cambodia
by Jason Gordon

Terrors of Pleasure: 
Spalding in Krumville
by  A. F. Waddell

Gray's Anatomy
by John Left

Heavy Petting 
by Phil Bacharach 
(New Release - 
Double DVD) 

Heavy Petting Website

Review of Imposssible Vacation
by Kelly Blair

A Spectrum of Gray
(memories of a workshop with Spalding)
by Danny Evarts

SLTT Review
by Yasmin Siddiqui

by Abby Reilly