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Hollowgram - a musical group with Cheryl Catherine Smith, Kevin Swain, Ash Riot
Supporters of
Robotnik Films - they were to do a video of Bob Egan's Spalding's Lament
but I understand it was never funded
Alternatives to Valium
Oh, what a place to be, stuck in the service of the bourgeoisie
- blog by Alastair McKay
Fanzine - excellent internet magazine which has published articles about Spalding
including a Review by Theresa Smalec of And Everything is Giong Fine
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Sally's fashion design work
Ricardo's art work
Their commercial art work, with e-store
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Ms. G's English : Day 24: Introduction to Oral Tradition
"Today we started to work our way across the genres from memoir to epic.
Our transition man is Spalding Gray, storyteller, performer, and actor.'
North Coast Storytellers Storytelling Festival By The Sea on Facebook
A good friend and Spalding fan, Russ Smith, of, recently of Astin, TX. now lives in Ireland
in a wonderful sounding eco village. See
The unofficial Soderbergh (directs Fine) website as there are no official sites
EXCELLENT SITE, supporter of
Spalding & MeParts 1-19, Parts 20 - 36 and on (60 chapters proposed...)
"A story about a young man and his hero who was far too human for what he needed."
Worthy of an Update, this blog, 30 entries last I checked, is a very well written blog...
with the untold story of Spalding's arrest at the Boston Airport, in 2002
Note that the blog has been switched to a book which we hope will be published soon
Kaitlyn Kilmetis continues her insightful series on Stories Left to Tell
performed at Queens Theatre in the Park (NOTE: now moving for short run in Manhattan)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
And a Review of the Performance at Queens Theatre in the Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park
EXCELLENT - the newspaper and website about public TV and radio in the United States
very comprehensive details about NPR and such
THE SPALDING GRAYS - Indie / Rock / Alternative
- just discovered this band from Charlotte, North Carolina
no details yet on the name...
Forrest Gray's new band:the Glazzies on myspace...

link to the Mexican punk band Spalding Gray and their 2004 CD Open Half Door (CD available in Mexico
- for all other orders kindly contact webmaster of this site - - through contact link)

I do get asked "where can I find training courses for story telling/monologues?"
I know Mike Daisey sometimes does this (see his site), but here is one coming up in NYC
and one ongoing in California. Both people are strongly influenced by Spalding.

  • From James Braly:
    NYC Writer's Workshop:
    Jewish Community Center:
  • From Tanya Taylor Rubinstein:
    a monologue coach in Sante Fe, NM and Spalding is my total inspiration! and

  • Gary Roma - Boston Documentary Maker There is 5 minutes of interview with Spalding in the "Witness" section (DVD only)

    Thanks. Obie Benz, Director, HEAVY PETTING(Excellent film - note the extras with Spalding on DVD)

    Tom Benedek - Noted Screenplay Writer

    For Spalding Gray, One Last Tale

    the NYT review of Stories Left to Tell

    Life Interrupted, The Unfinished Monologue

    by Diana Manister (Excellent Review) Thanks to Mark Flanagan
    About Contemporary Literature

    Remembering Spalding, April 13, 2004
    By Colette Boudreau - a review of the NYC Memorial

    My Art in Life
    Interviewing Spalding Gray
    by Richard Schechner

    - EXCELLENT 20 page interview web design company where everyone is a Spuddy!!!

    Feeding the Monster- Mark Mobley's presentation of Monster in a Box (May 2005)

    Gray Matters - the EXCELLENT article by Davis Sweet

    Excellent link to ALL kinds of things in NYC

    link to VERY strange (viewer descretion advised) book 'Stiff' by Mary Roach:

    about a French doctor/religious nut who was trying to prove the
    Shroud of Turin's legitimacy by crucifying a corpse. The one he chose --
    and photographed -- for his 1931 experiment, according to Roach, "bears
    an uncanny resemblance to the monologuist Spalding Gray." (scroll down to Figure 3)...

    The TOO BUSY BEING BORED Band with Forrest Gray

    Stephen Tobolowsky:
    Actor and Storyteller

    Toronto International Film Festival
    Thom Powers
    Real to Reel

    Rhonda Moskowitz

    Interviewing The Audience performed without permission from Estate - BIG NO NO...

    Gray Girls (great site)

    Sandbox Magazine

    The Buddhist Review (EXCELLENT magazine)
    Philip Ryan

    Spalding's Work Expressed in Dance
    Village Voice

    Phillip Bannowsky: Art & Activism

    James Braly Live: Life in a Marital Institution

    Barry Smith: Writer & Performer

    Stories Left To Tell
    by R. B. Stuart

    Interviewing The Audience with Zach Helm, Friday and Saturday (11,07/15-17) at Bootleg Theater

    in Los Angeles ( (Appropriate name!)


    THE LAST DAYS OF DESMOND NANI REESE: A Stripper’s History of the World
    Written and performed by Heather Woodbury
    Winner of the first Spalding Gray Award

    Stories Left To Tell Extends Off-Broadway Run; Dratch Will Guest Star
    by Andrew Gans

    Stories Left To Tell: The Kathie Russo Interview at Austin 360
    by Brad Buchholz

    Edison shares Spalding Gray's 'Stories Left to Tell'
    by Liam Otten

    Scientology vs. Science by Andrew Gumbel

    Spalding Gray: The Last Digression
    by Steve Finbow

    The Minetta Lane CAST UPDATES

    Josh Lucas Will Guest Star in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell Beginning March 20

    Nilaja Sun INTERVIEW
    One Actress, One Troubled School of Characters

    No Child
    The Nilaja Sun hit solo play

    Nilaja Sun in Huck and Holden

    New York Post article by Barbara Hoffman
    Anatomy of Gray Matters

    Stories Left to Tell
    A review from Newsday
    A New Life in Shades of Gray

    Shades of Gray
    Sarah Maxfield interviews Kathie Russo at Culturebot

    New York Event
    February-April - 2007
    Coming Soon to New York City: Spalding Gray: Leftover Stories To Tell
    The writings of Spalding Gray - Compiled by Kathie Russo and Lucy Sexton.
    Be the first to receive special announcements and special offers by clicking here:
    Off Broadway ticket discounts
    New Yorker Magazine's "Going ons about town"
    Shades of Gray-a preview:
    New York Times:
    Theatre Mania .com


    Up is Up But So Is Down: New York's Downtown Literary Scene-(Spuddy's in here).

    Lawrence Wright:
    THEATER: Writer Lawrence Wright's 'Trip to al-Qaeda' re-enacts his look into the face of terrorism

    Spalding Gray 'Haiku':

    Mike Daisy Workshop:

    Spalding Gray's son Forrest's Band - A review

    SPALDING GRAY: THE LAST DIGRESSION - An article by Steve Finbow

    New York Event
    February-April - 2007
    Coming Soon to New York City: "Spalding Gray-Leftover Stories To Tell"
    The writings of Spalding Gray - Compiled by Kathie Russo and Lucy Sexton.
    Be the first to receive special announcements and special offers by clicking here:

    Double Lunar Dogs by Joan Jonas-Spalding Gray with Laurie Anderson in a Sci-Fi video clip.

    Help Wanted: A Personal Search for Meaningful Employment at the Start of the 21st Century,
    By Josh Lefkowitz(An Article)

    New York EVENT
    May 31 - June 4 - 2006
    A Tribute to Spalding Gray: Leftover Stories to Tell
    Reserved Seating $75 (includes post-performance reception with artists)
    General Admission $50
    Performance Space 122
    150 First Avenue
    NYC, NY 10009

    Leftover Stories to Tell
    Directed by Kathy Russo and Lucy Sexton

    Jonathan Ames
    Hazelle Goodman
    Ain Gordon
    Bob Holman
    James Urbaniak

    Guest Performers
    Olympia Dukakis (Wednesday, May 31)
    Debra Winger and David Straithairn (Thursday, June 1)
    Steve Buscemi (Friday, June 2)
    Fisher Stevens (Saturday, June 3)
    Joel Grey (Sunday, June 4)

    UCLALIVE concludes it's 2005-2006 Spoken Word series with
    Leftover Stories to Tell
    A Tribute to Spalding Gray
    The Unpublished Works
    Wed-Sat, Jun 14 -17 at 8pm
    Sun, Jun 18 at 7pm
    Tickets: $45 ($15 UCLA students)

    Cast to date includes:
    Brooke Adams
    Margaret Cho
    Frances Conroy
    Teri Garr
    Gina Gershon
    Ain Gordon
    Bob Holman
    Miranda July
    Alice Sebold
    Tony Shaloub
    Roger Guenveur Smith
    Loudon Wainwright III
    Kerry Washington
    Paul Zaloom

    2007 EVENT
    March 30 and 31
    The Edison Theater at Washington University
    Leftover Stories to Tell: A Tribute to Spalding Gray

    . . . And The First Spalding Gray Award Goes TO . . .

    The very pale Jim Gaffigan: actor, writer, comedian.

    Monologuist John Leyman's A Brief History of My Tattoo

    Wooster Group's Kate Valk in The Emperor Jones

    Theater News: Blues for a Gray Sun's Nilaja Sun in Huck and Holden

    Washington Post Blurbs Life Interrupted

    Spalding Collaborator Steven Soderbergh Releases Bubble

    Monologuist Josh Lefkowitz's
    A Personal Search for Meaningful Employment at the Start of the 21st Century

    Lecturer, Writer, Artist & Teacher David Greenberger
    Duplex Planet

    The Wooster Group

    New York poet and critic Diana Manister reviewsLife Interrupted
    at Contemporary Literature

    Performance Artist Laurie Anderson (Swimming To Cambodia soundtrack):NASA's Artist-In-Residence

    Magnolia Pictures announces it's Magnolia Home Entertainment
    division; titles to be released include Steven Soderbergh's
    Spalding Gray, The Last Monologue

    Life Interrupted: Exit Talking

    Playbill News: Life Interrupted is published by Crown

    Swimming to Cambodia presented by:

    Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton (P.A.C.E)
    41 Union St, Easthampton, MA 01027
    (413) 527-3700

    April 8 at 8pm, April 9 at 8pm and April 10,2005 at 2pm

    May 27 through June 11 2005 at the Flamboyan Theater
    A Spalding Gray Matter is written and performed by Michael Brandt.

    Spalding's friends and colleagues read from his work:
    Bogosian, Holman, Reno, Valk to Read Work of Spalding Gray at Barnes & Noble
    May 4, 2005

    John Boland's
    Swimming to Manhattan

    Mel Gussow, Longtime Chronicler of New York Theatre, Dies

    Monologuist Dave Gorman: Googlewhacker!,1413,218~24216~2791957,00.html

    Playbill News: Steven Soderbergh to Direct Documentary About Spalding Gray

    Soderbergh on Gray's Anatomy(and other things)

    On the first anniversary of Spalding Gray's disappearance, Gaby Wood tells his final story.
    On the night of 10 January 2004, Spalding Gray disappeared.,4120,1379764,00.html

    National Public Radio consolidates Spalding articles:

    Barlow Friendz

    Essence of Spalding: Flying to Nirvana

    Crazy About the Vineyard

    Crazy About the Beach

    The Black Hippie Chronicles

    Eric Bogosian's Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

    Spalding Gray Tells All

    Lost in New York

    IO Magazine: Gray Noise

    Spalding Interviews The Dalai Lama

    Vanishing Act

    Vanishing Point

    Left Behind

    The Genius of Spalding Gray

    Remembering The Artist

    The Gate : An Interview

    Communing with Spalding

    True Stories: The Workshop

    My Art in Life: Interviewing Spalding Gray

    West Coast Tribute to Spalding Gray

    From the Guardian On the first anniversary of Spalding Gray's disappearance, Gaby Wood tells his final story. On the night of 10 January 2004, Spalding Gray disappeared.,4120,1379764,00.html
    May 28th, 2004 - Larry King has just released a book called Remember Me When I'm Gone (Doubleday 2004). It is a collection of epithaphs by famous people. Spalding had written the following: (quote will be removed by request of publisher): "Spalding Gray was born in 1941 in Providence, Road Island. He was a loving and devoted father to his two sons, Forrest and Theo, and his stepdaughter, Marissa Maier. He loved and cherished his wife, Kathleen Russo. Most of all, Spalding will be remembered for his autobiographical monologues at which he would sit on stage at a table with a glass of water and talk for more than an hour and a half, telling true stories from his life. He was like a talking everyman because his life, although a little eccentric, was not that different from all of ours. Only he would be able to capture in such vivid detail, and highlight it with such humor, that it caused audiences both to laugh and relate. Spalding Gray was an American original and the "Talking Man" will be dearly missed.
    January 17, 04 : I first found Spalding when he was on Letterman (in 84) flogging his book Sex and Death to Age 14. I immediately went out and bought it and have been buying everything since. So perhaps I wasn't the first Spud head, but I'd like to think I was one of the first. He spoke my language, and my heart and mind both understood.
    As I write this, Spalding is still missing and even in New York he is considered missing after being gone the required 7 days. There has been a flurry of misinformation that must have been upsetting to Kathie and his/her family. The best write up I have read so far is: I will not refer to Spalding in the past and I never will. He is always present in what I write myself and he is always in my heart...When I had just finished this web page and just phoned Seattle for a front row seat for his performance in March, my spouse got me out of bed and said 'CNN just reported that Spalding is missing'...And yet, now I've decided to put this up on the web because as I said, Spalding Lives (in same voice as Che Lives)...
    Spud... please call home...
    January 17th, 2004 - John Boland