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These thoughts represent only the Webmaster's and do NOT necessarily represent the opinions of the Estate of Spalding Gray. Please note that I do NOT post links that advertise treament centers that charge. I receive a large number of such requests so please don't bother requesting.

Please note that although I have a Masters of Social Work, with many years of psychiatric experience, this page should not be considered as a substitute for professional advice. I'm not just saying that. I MEAN THAT!!!

I have had people write to me as Webmaster of this page and say they were suicidal. If you are considering hurting yourself in anyway, please seek help from a trusted professional or trusted ally. It is assumed that Spalding Gray committed suicide by jumping from the Staten Island Ferry. This loss of a great author, actor and monologist severely hurt many people, including his family and friends and many fans. Suicide is not an answer. If you are suicidal, please get help. The American Association of Suicidology

Google Offers Suicide Hotline Info For Suicide-Related Searches

(Note: I am aware that Scientology has what they call an anti-psychiatry 'museum' in LA. Included is a pavaratzi style picture of Spalding and they claim that psychiatry caused his death. I STRONGLY DISAGREE as there were many factors involved including brain damage due to car accident. For an excellent expose of this 'museum', see :

Help Lines: (U.S.) (International list of Hotlines) (very good help via email - this is a world reknown organization - however, if you need immediate help, call a Helpline!)


Alcohol Rehab Help
All pages on this website are fact-based and sourced from recent scientific research, scholarly articles, textbooks, government agencies, and medical journals. This website also does not host any form of advertisement.

Addiction Group
Alcohol misuse and abuse are widespread issues affecting millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds. Our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals has created a fact-based resource center on alcohol addiction and treatment. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

This page emphasizes alternative sources of help for depression. This is partly because I have a bias against over medicating and pharmaceutical companies. However, It is mostly based on the fact that traditional resources are more readily available as in: (criteria according to the DSM IV which is regarded by many as the psychiatrist's 'bible') (Web MD is a good informational site - it does contain pharmaceutical ads) (source of many, many good links)

Spalding Gray had various diagnoses: depressed, manic depressive, obsessive compulsive, learning disabled/dyslexic, brain injured from a car accident, etc.This page is not meant to debate these issues. This page is meant to provide resources for people who may be depressed or suicidal.

Kathie Russo interviewed by Paula Zahn (scroll down on link).

Alternative Approaches

The power of depression is lack of motivation. The most powerful anti-depressant is motivation...

Recommended Links:

Special thanks to Angela Bischoff for help with these links - (the dangers of antidepressants, alongside inspiring environmental stories written by the late Tooker Gomberg)