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  1. Almost You - reviews are mixed but plot sounds interesting, Spalding not mentioned so maybe small part
    VHS ONLY about $1 half-decent used to $7.00 New.

    Review - Terrible, Spalding has very short scene at beginning as a travel agent.

  2. And Everything is Going Fine (2010) - see 'Fine' on sidebar of this site
  3. Anybody's Woman (1981) - a short film by Bette Gordon - a precursor to Variety
    Ms. Gordon: "...a show at Artist’s space called Emergency to focus on the cutting of funds for artists by
    Congress...asked thirteen filmmakers to participate, to make a film addressing this emergency. We were
    each given $75 dollars to shoot on a Super 8."
    "I asked my friend Nancy Reilly to talk about her porn fantasies in front of the theater. And I asked my friend
    Spalding Gray to do the same. This film was called Anybody’s Woman."
    Full interview here
  4. (complete video)
    Videoo by Bette Gordon, 1981
    - with Nancy Reilly, Spalding Gray, Mark Heidrich, Tom Wright, voice over by Karyn Kay
    - video and audio quality not the best in parts, this video seems to cover sex shows in NYC. Adult subject matter but no sex is shown. Spalding speaks of his experiences in sex theaters. I would call it difficult to watch and poorly done perhaps due to lack of budget.

  5. Bad Company directed by Damian Harris
    Ranked #10 in Entertainment Weekly's "10 Best Video Releases  of 1995" -- "...More fun than almost a nything else on video....The kind of great trash that Hollywood is too timid to make anymore..."
    I thought it was VERY bad - the only stand out being the few appearances of Spud playing a timid crime boss.
  6. Beaches - 1988 (also called Forever Friends) - with Bette Midler - shows up on TV - mixed reviews.
  7. Beyond Rangoon, 1996 directed by John Boorman
    - reviews make it sound promising with good acting - also stars another of my favs, Frances McDormand, Best Actress for Fargo and married to one of them Coen brothers. If you think she looks frumpy, think again... 
    Beyond Rangoon
    VHS ONLY - prices are all over the map but there are 5 copies NEW for $3.77 so don't pay too much for this
    - I didn't even watch the end of this wantabe (BUT Spalding is good when he's in is Frances. Big mistake was last half without them)...reminds me though that Burmese government REALLY sucks. - Review
  8. Bliss - 1997- directed by Craig Sheffer
    - reviews sound good - excuse me while i go rent it...also available on itunes movies
    - this is a must see film - Indie, made in Vancouver which is why Spalding loved Vancouver - Terrence Stamp deserved an oscar!!! Involves highly unorthodox treatment of sexual abuse survivors. Spalding plays a traditional therapist. Some of therapy technigues are from Masters and Johnson and do work - as in the finger placement in the vagina. Considerable nudity between receiving threatment. I think that sexual abuse survivors should have supportive network available for after viewing.
  9. Brides - 1977 directed by Sharon Sacks
    Saturday Night Live (1975) playing "Himself" (episode # 2.22) 14 May 1977
    Available on Netflix - all of season 2 on 8 discs
    - episode also available on Demonoid (exclusive downloading site in Ukraine - membership only opens periodically)
    Spalding appears in this short film Brides (~2 minutes long) by Sharon Sacks - 5 second cameo screaming
    Also reported that he was narrator though this has not been confirmed
    and does not really sound like Spalding - help here is appreciated.
  10. Brother's Keeper 10th Anniversary DVD has the original theatrical trailer which is kinda like a mini Spud monologue
    -hey, I bought it just for that (truly obsessed!) besides the fact that this is an excellent documentary - truly strange but as a documentary, it keeps you right on the edge of your seat (unless you already know the verdict in this bizarre true murder trial).
    - exerpts from Film Trailer and Spalding's excellent trailer.
  11. Cafe Lena - 1990 (UK Documentary) Cannot find listed anywhere *
  12. Very rare video featuring Spalding in 'Art Piece'
    Chalkboard Chronicles
  13. Clara's Heart
    - solid 5 star ratings I think you gotta like Whoppi
    - from $2.85 (used/like new) to $20.00 new
  14. Coming Soon - 2000 - directed by Collette Burson
    - became the center of a controversy over gender biased ratings when the MPAA Ratings deemed Burson's film NC-17 film not long after granting the far racier AMERICAN PIE an R - sounds surprisingly good and worth watching - AF has a good review under hyperlink, you guessed it, Reviews on the site...
    - the reviews are mostly very good but are all over the map. A must see as it was treated in a very sexist way by the rating system.
    From $5 new on VHS to $30 new on DVD - DVD's of this are becoming RARE.
  15. Communists Are Comfortable - 1985 - (Documentary)
    VHS, b&w/color/so, 66m, $50 Home
    "I am trying to articulate, through the use of landscape and monologue, a sense of human "fatality," a sense of the inevitable failure of idealism; inevitable because its fate is in people, and their foibles.
    The films' imagery is drawn from personal memory, urban housing project landscapes, social history, dreams, HUAC testimony, apartment interiors, a "woods." The "Other Stories" (the monologues) are formed out of the male-gender rhetoric of success and defeat, of dealing and "getting-by."
  16. Cowards - 1970 - a bomb in 1970, quickly underwent emergency surgery: some of the original footage was dropped , new scenes were added featuring the character of Steve and all those naked hippies, and viola Cowards suddenly became Love-In 1972. So these are basically the same films! Monologist Spalding Gray is alternately funny and scary as a psycho terrorist babbling at a party "We need us a real revolution! The streets of every city is like the jungles of Vietnam! Attack and retreat, regroup, attack and retreat again! In no time there'd be no government in Washington! The police force and the army would be powerless!" - I could not find it available anywhere *
  17. Diabolique - 1996
    a remake of the classic 50's French film. The reviews are all over, a few good, a few very bad. Sounds to me like I'd like to see the classic version first, before I satisfy my Spalding obsession. Generally, it sounds like you'd have to be obsessed like me, or really into Sharon Stone or want to a see a brief shot of Isabelle Adjani in the nude to see this, or maybe it shows up late night - who knows...
    Readily available. Original is on DVD new and used running 20 - 25 $
    New one on DVD used $4.50, new $10
    New one gets very so, so mixed reviews won't stop me
  18. Drunks - 1997 - directed by Peter Cohn
    An extremely strong ensemble cast, intelligent script, and careful direction keep the story well above the level of maudlin self-revelation. Based on the stage play "Blackout" by Gary Lennon. (I liked it a lot...). One of Spalding's best film appearances.
  19. The Farmer's Daughters
    - the one, the only - ADULT ONLY!!! XXX- (not to be confused with other series of porno flicks with similar name, as in Farmer's Daughter Does Dallas...) - by the way, even if someone was into porno, this film really is BAD - the emphasis on rape and violence is disturbing...makes Russ Meyers look good!

    Update Dec. 08 - available at adultdvdmarketplace ($9.99 new)
    also pay download...
    - don't waste your money! Free download (not checked for bots/virus)

  20. Glory Daze - 1997 - directed by Rich Wilkes
    DVD - 89 used & new from $4.94 (used) to 5.90 new
    - reviews are fairly consistent in the 4 to 5 star range.

    I would say this film would get one star if you were generous. Usual small role for Spalding is good - rest of film is VERY BAD...

  21. Gray's Anatomy - 1997- directed by Steven Soderbergh
    - enough said - one of Spalding's monologues... the same Steven who is making the Doc. on Spalding...has become my favourite as I only have one eye and the visuals appear stunning... Trailer
  22. Gray Memorial - 2004 - filmed and directed by Ken Kinna of B Roll Films:
    "a short, dream like journey through questions of life, death, art, love and the perfect moment"
    (from B Roll Films description)
    Starring Spalding's voice, Kathie Russo, Marissa Maier, Theo Gray, Grace Coates, Jennifer Lambert, Kevin Inkawitch
    Sadly, this film has never been released...
  23. Hard Choices - 1985
    26 used & new from $0.28, VHS only
    - an early indie with an indie rough edge good reviews are based on the performance including John Sayles (the father of the idie, along with others such as Cassevettes???) and Spalding
    - I'm also a huge fan of John Sayles so I ordered it - $1.22 new good price!
    - Just realized it never came so I reordered an new one at .79 cents and will check the old email to what happened with the order-make sure you're buying any of the only on VHS as shipping is so much lower on Amazon.
  24. Heavy Petting - 1989 - (Documentary)
    - I have this - very rare - very odd but very funny - financed by the son of the man who invented white bread! - no kidding!
    UPDATE: May,2007 - released on double DVD with tons of extras including 20 minutes with Spalding - review.
  25. How High - 2002 - directed by Jesse Dylan
    - stars Method Man - rappers trying to be Cheech  and Chong, although review is a little  kinder... I thought it was worth a watch as it's silly and funny, but I'd watch anything if Spalding wandered thru... - as some may know, Spalding keeps his bit parts going to get the union medical insurance - is this the film that covered his accident bills???
  26. Jimmy Zip - 1996 - short film starring Alyssa Milano, Spalding Gray, and Justin Whalin - unavailable. The short was remade into a full-length film in 1999, starring Brendan Fletcher and Adrienne Frantz (no Spalding).
  27. Julie Johnson - 2001 - Gay and lesbian pay network Here TV has bought exclusive rights to movie Julie Johnson
    co-starring Lily Taylor, Courtney Love, Mischa Barton, Spalding Gray. Originally produced by the Shooting Gallery and entered in the Sundance Film Festival in 2001, Julie Johnson never got a theatrical release. The movie will have its U.S. premiere in June 05.

    Movie's new owners, Cinemavault Releasing, have sold Here TV a three-year window not only for pay TV but also for homevideo, pay-per-view, video-on-demand and subscription VODVOD, said Paul Colichman, cofounder with Stephen P. Jarchow of Here and of the distribution company Regent EntertainmentRegent Entertainment.

    Directed by Bob Gosse, Julie Johnson features Taylor as the title character who falls in love with her best friend, played by Love, when her marriage breaks up.

    Not a great film. Courtney Love terribly miscast. Final scene with Spalding and Lily Taylor is one of best Spalding scenes ever made!

  28. IIsa - Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, 1601 (that's what it says!) directed by Don Edmonds
    - no, I'm not kidding! As guardian of a Middle East harem, Ilsa's barbaric talents are in full flower. Beautiful women are abducted, and enslaved, until a CIA agent comes to their rescue and arouses Ilsa's revenge. Lots of women's breasts but the sadistic parts are very hard to take - especially since it is a terrible film...
    and guess what I just found out - Spalding is NOT in this film - this has been confirmed
    by the the Director - and I had to sit thru this piece of S&M Trash looking for Spud... the price of obsession...
  29. Kate and Leopold - 2001 - highly recommended. DVD 94 used & new from $7.99 Mostly 4 star reviews.
    youtube exerpt with brief, wonderful Spalding scene...
  30. King of the Hill - 1994 - directed by Steven Soderbergh
    - Very strong, positive reviews, it's on my list...I got this - It's very well done film - excellent in every way...a must see!!! Review.
  31. Little Orphan Dusty - 1976 - available from adultdvdmarketplace, new $11.00 - ADULT!!! I couldn't identify Spalding in the scene he is reported to be in. Movie is way too full of rape and violence.
  32. Love-In '72 - 1972
    Available for rentals but only local rentals now (Louisville, KY) but may expand at some point to mail order rentals
    -also on very rare bootleg - a very poorly done film adding naked women to previous film Cowards
    - ADULT - contains scenes of sex, full frontal nude women, no male genitals - Spalding's part unchanged from Cowards - additional scenes of 'hippie' orgies are terrible
    (no Spalding nudity - plays small, though well done role as radical at party)
  33. Maraschino Cherry - 1978
    Available at adultdvdmarketplace, new $8.95
    - strictly XXX ADULT
  34. Monster in a Box - 1993 - directed by Nick Broomfield
    - enough said - a monologue...EXCELLENT...

    Note: 35mm prints of Monster in a Box are available through Warner Brothers
    Thank you to
    Lori Donnelly
    Film Programmer, George Eastman House
    for this information
  35. New York - A Documentary Film (PBS - an American Experience) - Spalding's voice
    New York (7 Episode PBS Boxed Set) (PBS American Experience)
    - 7 part Box Set
    - VHS - $50 to $100
    - DVD Cheapest new on DVD is about $110
    Spalding is used as narrator in at least one episode
    - more details appreciated from visitors to site
  36. Our Town (TV) - 1989 - rare - on VHS -
    - very expensive used $40, new $75
    AS OF 04/06, now available on DVD as a double feature with the original PBS version with Hal Holbrook from ($59.95)

    - Spalding version produced for Lincoln Center and taped for the PBS series "Great Performances", is the casting of monologuist and actor Spalding Gray as the Stage Manager. He gives a sardonic, astringent performance, and much of Wilder's dialogue sounds distinctly chilling coming from him. Play's author Wider's Estate gave exceptional permission to have Spalding version filmed due to Spalding's amazing performance. Sometimes (rarely) on ebay on VHS for $40 new. Also on DVD - see above

  37. Poetry in Motion - 1982 - Award winning director Ron Mann filmed over 75 poets and writers for what AMERICAN FILM called "the Woodstock of Poetry". Ginsberg, Burroughs, Baraka, Giorno, Ondaatje, Bukowski, and Di Prima are just a few of the "beat" poets featured for the first time in this groundbreaking film.
    And yes, under 'believe it or not', they left Spalding on the cutting floor. BUT...Spalding was saved by the miracle of DVD extras! 'Over one hour of additional performances seen here for the first time'
    Lots of new DVD copies on Amazon.
    Excerpt - youtube
    Complete excerpt of Spalding
  38. Prisoner's Dilemma - 1974 - directed by Richard Serra
    - extremely rare video with Spalding at the beginning. Intriguing premise
    - beginning audio and video of credits is poor but improves
  39. Revolution #9 - 2002 - directed by Tim McCann
    "...A taut, intelligent psychological drama that effectively plays one nightmare against the other..."
    - finally available on DVD, a straight 5 star reviews
    - a grim, realistic portrait of the failure of the mental health system as a man has a sudden onset psychotic break Spalding's character as a video artist is his main delusion. Indie, might be rough to watch for some people who have experienced the horrors of the broken mental system. Spalding's role is special.
    - (I am a psychiatric social worker with an MSW degree)
  40. Terrors of Pleasure - 1988 - directed by Thomas Schlamme
    - hilarious, this shows up on TV occasionally because it's 60 minutes long - an HBO special - avialable on VHS but pricey...
    - 10 used & new from $29.90 on Amazon, rarely much cheaper on eBay
    VHS ONLY out of print like new is 50.00, so the rare times it's on eBay, the prices are better - Review and excellent, short audio excerpt -
  41. Trying Times (PBS) - episode 'Bedtime Story' - written by Spalding and Renee and starring Spalding - this was a SUPERB series done by up and coming stars - such as Steven Wright, Candice Bergen etc.) Bedtime Story is a MUST see...never released on VHS or DVD - PBS is asleep at the wheel... but I've got most of them on tape, including this unforgettable it's not a film ... sue me...
  42. Seven Minutes in Heaven - 1985 (beware of Spanish Dub - unless you're Spanish!)
    -reviews are straight 5 stars! Again Spalding's role appears to be minor. I read the reviews though and ordered it right away
    - VHS ONLY
    - 14 used & new from $5.88 on Amazon
  43. Stars and Bars - 1994 - director Pat O'Connor
    - an amazing list of stars
    a funny indie, a must see
    Spalding's role as a southern preacher is small but marvellous - see my review under Reviews on this site
    - VHS ONLY
    17 used & new from $2.99
  44. Straight Talk - 1992
    VHS - 41 used & new from $0.65
    DVD - 87 used & new from $4.99 DVD gets poor rating due to lack of extras
    In general, movie gets 4 stars - review.
  45. Swimming to Cambodia - directed by Jonatham Demme
    - enough said, a tour de force monologue...the grand daddy of them all !!!
    youtube clips

    Note: 35mm prints of SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA are available through MGM
    Thank you to
    Lori Donnelly
    Film Programmer, George Eastman House
    for this information
  46. The Image (TV) - 1990
    - 25 used & new from $1.98 (1990) TV (HBO) NOT a monologue
    5 star ratings, on VHS on Amazon - DVD at (see Affiliates on this site)
  47. The Killing Fields - 1996 - Roland Joffe
    - as good as this film is,I like the story about Spalding's small part better (Swimming to Cambodia)...
  48. The Paper Mache Chase - 2003 (Spalding's last film)
    appears to be unavailable - I am looking at the moment and have a contact - review
    Director: Dave Jordan 10min
    Cast: Cynthia Nixon, Jim Gaffigan, Spalding Gray, Kate Burton, Lonette Mckee
    UPDATE: 04/06 - unavailable due to film being made into feature length version. This news is an exclusive to
    My thanks to Producer Barbara Feinstein for this helpful info. Note that this film is copyrighted and will be legally protected.
    In 2010, I have written to both Ms. Feinstein and Mr. Jordan - unfortunately, neither replied.
    Anyone interested in helping to revive this short film, please write to me.
  49. The Paper - I remember this Ron Howard film kinda bombing at the box office but the DVD reviews are quite postive except for some whines about not being the wide screen version.
  50. The Pickle - 1993 - 29 used & new from $0.43.
  51. To Save a Child (TV) - 1991 (aka The Craft) - where is this? I can't find it anywhere...
  52. True Stories - 1986 - directed by David Byrnes
    - this film is simply amazing, a must see...
  53. 20th Century - Yesterday's Tomorrow (TV) - 1999
    - unavailable - I have a restricted access boot - very good documentary about past visions of the future. Many good celebs/authorities inteviewed. Spalding has little to say as he states " My mother was Christian Science...we were not allowed to watch science fiction".
  54. Twenty Bucks - 1994 - directed by Keva Rosenfeld
    - the premise sounds great - a twenty dollar bill passes from person to person - hey, i wrote a story about a nickel doing that while i was in public school - can i sue?
    - a bonus point of trivia - a survey in the U.S. indicated that 80% of twenty dollar bills in big cities had traces of cocaine...
  55. Variety - 1983 - including a vocal cameo by Spalding Gray- Spalding is the voice on an obscene phone call. Film is noted for being first feminist look at porno. Low budget. Produced by Renee. If anyone can explain the last scene/shot, I would greatly appreciate it. 4 used & new from $15.99 (Spalding is uncredited!).

    Update: 2009 - newly restored and available on DVD. Hopefully the restoration has improved on picture quality. Review and Interview with Bette Gordon.

  56. Visions of Perfect Worlds - year unknown
    - Spalding speaks on the topic of Buddhism and Transiency
    Excerpt Here - fifth title down (will require free download of Real Player - the real player the the site provides appears faulty. Download instead from - then click following to watch video excerpt :
    (even then video connection can be problematic)

    Please help with any info on this film as well as how you obtain this film.
    Thanks to Amanda Goode for the intial enquiry
  57. What You Mean We? (TV movie) - Talk Show Host (voice) - Year:1987
    I could find no information on this at all so any info is greatly appreciated
  58. Yarns to Be Spun on the Way to the Happy Home (2007), a short film by Daniel Kremer
    uses Spalding archival footage (unknown) - film is about speech impediments - see for summary
    see here for DVD purchase (scroll down linked page)
  59. Zelda (TV) - 1993 - does anyone know anything about this one...MOST WANTED LIST *
  60. Double Lunar Dogs - 1984 - byJoanJonas (famous experimental filmmaker) Rental/ordering (expensive!)and clip without Spalding, clip with Spalding
  61. From a fan:

    "Spalding gray made a video where he was traveling the us visiting retirement homes, interviewing elderly couples. he had a series of questions he asked each couple, one of which was, "what is the funniest joke you ever heard?" i can not remember the name of this video, nor do i know where i might be able to either view it, or purchase a copy of it."

    I have no idea! Any help is appreciated. (reportedly called Gray Areas)

  62. Spalding Gray: Stories Left To Tell [videorecording]
    NY Public Library - CHECK W/STAFF (access may be restricted) - Performing Arts Research Collections
  63. Interview with Spalding Gray and Wynn Handman [videorecording] / [video producer] Theatre on Film and Tape Archive, Betty L. Corwin, director
    A videorecording of a performance of Rumstick Road and the discussion following
    CHECK W/STAFF (access may be restricted)
  64. Theo Gray's first film - Death and the Blue Eyed Girl (2010)
    Slamdance Opening (2011)

- thanks to Spuddy Matt Strickland (see Links for his site) for:

1) 2 short monologues - Map of L.A. and A Brief Personal History of American Theatre - both rare - occasionally at libraries or thru Electronic Arts Intermix ( vhs one day rental, $50, purchase $200 - so if anyone knows where I could get copies at a better price, LET ME KNOW...)

2) a web film about Spalding - A Life in Progress directed by Robby Henson
- available in streaming video at CinemaNow - orginally on PBS
Also shown as part of Spalding Gray Retrospective NYC Dec. 2010, at IFC

Submit yours here

I am interested in Spalding's OTHER APPEARANCES. Do you have info on Spalding's Broadway and off-Broadway appearances? Email me.


  1. Cafe Lena - 1990 (UK Documentary)
  2. Little Orphan Dusty ADULT!!! (non bootleg) (FOUND)
  3. Love-In '72 - (FOUND bootleg)
  4. The Paper Mache Chase - 2003 ****(means I REALLY want this!)
  5. To Save a Child (TV) - 1991 (aka The Craft)
  6. Zelda (TV) - 1993
  7. Visions of a Perfect World