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Repertory of summer stock and experimental plays 1960-1970

(From A Personal History of American Theatre, on TV 1986, 'Alive from Off Center' unavailable, see Monologues for details)

  1. The Knack - Theater by the Sea, Portsmouth, NH (Apollo Dukacis in cast)
  2. The World of Shalom Aleiehem - Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas
  3. Wind in the Willows - Spalding makes no comment, except that it's a wonderful book
  4. Tower of Babel - Ensemble Labatory Theatre, West 19th, NYC, 1968 , then tour of Missouri Grade Schools where Theatre members were arrested, and baned from the state.
  5. The Curious Savage - Spalding's first play - Fryeburg Academy, ME
  6. Krapp's Last Tape - Spalding only comment "I feel pretty close to this play as I often work with a tape recorder and often feel like crap"
  7. The Misanthrope - very funny story about burning the set in fireplace while making love to 'Elisa Alegra Shafranski' - a coincidence or made up name...?
  8. The Sea Gull - Alley Theatre
  9. The Quare Fellow - Theatre Company of Boston - Dustin Hoffman was in cast - kept saying 'Spalding is strange'
  10. Endecott and the Red Cross - no details
  11. Tom Paine - no details (Wooster?)

Performance Group

  • Makbeth
  • Commune
  • Tooth of Crime
  • Mother Courage and her Children
  • Cops
  • The Balcony
  • Lions and Witches (Spalding says this one was very bad)

Wooster Group, all the Wooster Group plays with Spalding:

  • Sakonnet Point
  • Rumstick Road
    Note:Interview with Spalding Gray and Wynn Handman [videorecording] / [video producer] Theatre on Film and Tape Archive, Betty L. Corwin, director
    A videorecording of a performance of Rumstick Road and the discussion following
    CHECK W/STAFF (access may be restricted - link currently does not appear to work - check with
    Rumstick Road script available here
    Also video excerpt from the Wooster Group
  • Nayatt School
    2 excerpts from Wooster (sound quality somewhat poor, but good example of early monlogue style)
    Also excerpts from conversation with Dr. Henry Bradford from Rumstick Road
  • Three Places in Rhode Island (Sakonnet Point, Rumstick Road, Nayatt School)at The Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam
  • Fathers and Sons rehearsals(later became Point Judith)
  • By The Sea, a film shoot on the coast near New London, CT (footage incorporated into Point Judith)
  • North Atlantic, 1984

Later Plays

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