Swimming to Manhattan

A personal journey to Spalding Gray’s Memorial Service in NYC
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
April 13th, 2004

by John Boland (aka ‘Ratz Garcia’)

Dedicated to Kathie, Melissa, Theo, Forrest … and Spalding

Addendum – Tell Your Friends

(suggested music – Amazing Grace by Judy Collins)

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From: john boland, m.s.w.
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Subject: to Kathie from John Boland

Dear Kathie,

I hope that you and your family are doing as best as possible now that both Memorials are over. I never know what's a good time to write so with the completion of my NYC Diary (Swimming to Manhattan), now seemed like a good time. My math (before social work and authoring) background leads me to lists things by #:

  1. As I mentioned, my NYC Diary is now complete and posted on the web page. (edited).
  2. Again, I am sorry I missed you during my visit. Now I wished I'd waited in line afterwards to at least say hello. My trip was incomplete without meeting you.
  3. Does a transcript of the Memorial exist? I'd like to post it on the web page. If none was kept, perhaps I can approach each speaker and ask if they have any notes kept. Some of the people like (edited) are easy to access but other's may be more protective of their privacy. (edited).
  4. One of my next projects is to attempt to record my 'Swimming to Manhattan' onto CD as a monologue as well as print on demand. I will sell them at cost with all proceeds going to Spalding's scholarship fund.
  5. I was moved and interested by your comments at the Memorial. (edited). Was it my imagination, or did you say something like 'I am dedicating myself to making sure more people know who Spalding is...' (rough translation). If that is the case, that is one of my goals as well, and the web page is helping already.
  6. I told Spalding once about my lake front cottage. (edited).

With my best wishes, I look forward to when you can reply.

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